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About the app

About our LitCommerce App

LitCommerce is the most accessible integration app for store owners to list and sell their products on leading Marketplaces: Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Google Merchant, Facebook Shopping, Walmart, and Wish.

LitCommerce is also 'launch ready,' meaning there is no re-platforming or data source migration. Stick with your existing BigCommerce, add LitCommerce, and sell on more selling channels right away!

Discover our Main Features

  • Sync in real-time on multiple channels: Manage data from a single dashboard and easily connect BigCommerce to various selling channels.
  • Edit listings in bulk by using powerful tools like single edit mode, spreadsheet-style multi-edit, and template & recipe model.
  • Set different prices, titles, and attributes in Marketplaces and BigCommerce.
  • Link your Marketplace product with BigCommerce to avoid duplicate listings using SKU.
  • Import and process orders from the Marketplace channels through your BigCommerce store, and constantly update inventory counts after each transaction.
  • Charge no commission fee on orders.
  • Connect multiple channels at once with just a few clicks.

App Features

Create and modify many listings

It is possible to manage all listings from BigCommerce to Marketplaces and edit listings more effortlessly by using LitCommerce's single-listing and multi-listing features.

  • Easily list BigCommerce products in bulk on Marketplaces.
  • Access to modifiable Templates & Recipes and a spreadsheet-style interface.
  • To avoid duplication, connect marketplace listings to BigCommerce products by matching SKUs.
Templates and Recipes

To upload your listings quickly, use Templates and Recipes.

  • Use Templates to easily create or edit your product listings. Templates are sets of attributes and settings for listings. All listings to which a Template was applied are updated when it is changed.
  • A Recipe, which is a set of templates for a specific channel, will help you save more time.
Orders from the Marketplaces can be imported and processed through your BigCommerce store

LitCommerce avoids overselling by consistently updating inventory counts after each transaction.

  • Manage your Marketplace orders in your BigCommerce store by importing them.
  • Update with channel-specific tracking data for shipments.
To sync in real-time, use LitCommerce LiveSync
  • Sync with BigCommerce and LitCommerce will instantly update on all sale channels.
  • Establish a seamless synchronization of product listings, orders, prices, and inventory between your BigCommerce site and other sale channels.
Multi-channel Connect

With LitCommerce, you can sell your products anywhere, all at the same time:

  • List BigCommerce products to Amazon
  • List BigCommerce products to eBay
  • List BigCommerce products to Etsy

and more!

Additionally, BigCommerce can connect to other eCommerce systems such as Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, etc. with LitCommerce.

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