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About the app

The eCommerce Marketing Automation Platform that unites email and SMS for personalized customer experiences with unmatched deliverability and 24/7 support.

App Features

Easy BigCommerce integration

With Sendlane, BigCommerce brands can easily manage all their customer messaging for one or multiple stores under a single account. Our deep-data integration lets you get started in just one click. Integrate easily with other tools in your stack like Justuno and

Personalize Email & SMS together in one platform

Fewer logins, less wasted time, and more time spent on things that matter. Intelligent popups make building both lists easy. Build automations that leverage email and SMS to nurture your contact to your end goal. Trigger automations with more than one trigger to multi-purpose an automation for more than one segment. Be intentional with your SMS messaging by using delays or website behavior actions in automations to deploy a text message at the best time. Leverage integrations like Justuno for advanced email and phone number capture or to trigger email or SMS based on loyalty data points.

Two-way reply SMS center

Use our two-way reply center with SMS to reply to customers real-time via SMS. Great for brands who tend to have lots of SKU's or several product variants to answer customer questions real-time and to segment based off of actual customer responses. Our reply center ensures your team is equipped to exceed customer expectations with support.

Strong automation. Advanced segmentation.

Powerful software fed by behavioral data to make sure you're sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Our platform comes with website behavioral tracking in a tool we call Beacon. After installing Beacon (a quick code snippet on your site), you can now use subscriber website behavior to personalize your automations and campaigns.

24/7/365 live customer support

Our trial users get treated like VIPs. 30-second live support responses. White glove onboarding. Email and live chat. Check our G2 reviews to see how others view their customer support with our team.

Case Studies

Growing Skincare Brand, The Skintessa Builds Momentum With Sendlane's Intuitive UI

From a very young age, Amy Wall found she loved two things: Energetic healing and makeup. After attending school to become an esthetician, she spent the 10+ years of her life building up her knowledge and expertise, eventually being labeled the Top Esthetician in the US in 2016.

Even though she had managed to start the first beauty team of its kind in Mendocino, California, and own a successful salon and spa, she still had bills piling up. The burnout was real. Amy decided to close the doors on her salon and go all-in on her online store The Skintessa where she would bring into harmony her years of skincare expertise and her knack for intuitive holistic touches that help people bring out their true inner beauty.

How Switching To Sendlane Helped Pawz 3x Deliverability

Five years after starting their mission to save the 3.7 million animals euthanized each year, PAWZ had grown a successful eCommerce brand. As they continued to grow, email marketing proved to be one of the main drivers of revenue, but it was clear something wasn't quite right. A deeper dive into their email marketing health revealed some issues that would make even a seasoned marketer cry. A lack of support caused the brand to go hunting for a new ESP.

A switch from Klaviyo to Sendlane resulted in PAWZ tripling their deliverability and a substantial increase in ROI from email in a short amount of time... Cue the fireworks!

Skybound Entertainment Uses Segmentation and Personalization to Increase Email Open-Rates to 80% With Sendlane

Skybound started as a single comic book: The Walking Dead. The dark, dystopian zombie comic quickly gained avid readers worldwide and eventually landed a TV show based on and titled under the same name.

With one successful comic-turned-TV-show under their belt, Skybound went all-in on expanding the eCommerce side of their business, and email marketing soon found its way to center stage. However, their current email provider wasn't performing the way they needed.

A switch from Sendgrid to Sendlane helped Skybound increase deliverability and increased open-rates to as high as 80%.

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $100.00/mo.

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