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About the app

Shelf Master is an inventory management add-on for BigCommerce that provides several essential inventory management functions that are not included natively in BigCommerce. Using Shelf Master to view the inventory level for a SKU provides more accuracy and context.

App has a 2 weeks free trial. After that price depends on number of orders created in store during the last 30 days:

  • up to 100 orders - $10 per month
  • up to 1000 orders - $25 per month
  • up to 5000 orders - $50 per month
  • for stores with a bigger number of orders please contact us

App Features

Shelf Stock Level

As soon as there are orders in BigCommerce where items have sold but not yet been shipped, there is a difference between the quantities available for sale in BigCommerce and what is physically on the shelf. Without visibility of this difference (and why the difference exists), making accurate inventory corrections or cycle counts is not possible. Calculating the number of units for each sku that are sold but not shipped (Sold-Unshipped) is complex and time consuming.

With Shelf Master the shelf stock level is clear and simple. Use the 'Product Info' tab to find the product by its name, SKU, or barcode and Shelf Master will display how many units are available for sale in BigCommerce, how many units are sold-unshipped, and how many units should be physically on the shelf. The orders with sold-unshipped stock are listed, so you can see clearly for each SKU which orders remain to be shipped or are unnecessarily tying up stock.

Changes to Inventory

Inventory levels can be confirmed or updated from the 'Product Info' page in Shelf Master instead of Bigcommerce, and this has two main benefits. Firstly the changes are logged, so it is clear who changed the inventory level by how many units and at what time. Secondly any changes are made with full visibility of the sold-unshipped stock, so errors creating overselling won't occur. If the sold-unshipped stock is ignored during an inventory correction, it creates an artificially high number of available units in BigCommerce leading to overselling.

The 'Inventory Logs' tab can be searched by SKU, providing valuable troubleshooting information in the case of an inventory discrepancy. Any time that the shelf stock level is checked by staff, pressing the 'confirm' button logs that the shelf stock was accurate on that date.

Negative Stock

In the case of overselling a product, it's critical to know how many units were oversold. Unlike BigCommerce which does not track negative inventory, Shelf Master correctly displays negative values for the number of units available in BigCommerce while BigCommerce continues to display zero. A negative 'available' quantity will occur when there are more sold-unshipped orders than there are units on the shelf.

Integration with Kit Builder

When used alongside our powerful Kit Builder app, Shelf Master automatically provides the following additional information on the 'Product Info' tab about each SKU queried:

  • A list of kits that include the queried SKU as a component. This is a very useful way to check which kits are impacted by product shortages or changes.
  • A more comprehensive list of sold-unshipped orders that includes both orders containing the queried SKU and orders containing kits that use the queried SKU as a component.

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $10.00/mo.


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