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About the app

Ship-Safely is the new, premium service that is revolutionising ecommerce with a simple way to replace lost or damaged parcels, fast tracked, with no fuss.

Why should your customer go through hours of their time finding the whereabouts of their lost or stolen parcel? Why is it the fault of the retailer that the parcel has arrived damaged?

It should not be either.

For all of the hard work retailers do for their customers, items not arriving is the worst problem for customer loyalty. Hours of rectifying problems for customers who have spent a lot of money and are short on time leaves customers with a reason to leave negative reviews.

Ship-Safely's premium service suits businesses that value their customer loyalty and want to protect their bottom line.

App Features

Turn a Damaged, Lost or Stolen delivery into a positive brand experience

With Ship-Safely, your customer has one point of contact in the event of a problem. There is no confusion about calling freight companies, calling delivery drivers or retailers. Our 5* customer service team will look after your customer to make sure they have the experience they deserve.

Super-fast replacement; we will replace the item within 48 hours at your full RRP

Our fast track system reorders the Damaged, Lost or Stolen item from your store at full RRP, protecting your bottom line.

No deductibles or fees. Your customers pay a fraction of the purchase value

Ship-Safely will calculate the cost automatically and provide the option to the customer to for Shipping Protection at the checkout.

Grab the Ship Safely guarantee

Free to install. All included. Minimal fuss. Fastest re-delivery possible for your customer. Enjoy.

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