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About the app

All your channels, one solution

Whether you are fulfilling orders from BigCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, or dozens of other integrations offered by ShipCaddie, manage all your channels with ShipCaddie's intuitive app and live support.

Mix it up

Shipping with multiple carriers? No sweat. ShipCaddie offers market-leading USPS rates, and the ability to easily connect your carrier accounts with FedEx, UPS, DHL, and OnTrac.

Multiple fulfillment associates? ShipCaddie drives visibility in your shipping department, with unlimited user profiles from the birdie subscription up!

Not your ordinary shipping software. A growth partner, ready to meet where you stand.

Shipping software is almost always the offspring of a postage reseller and a technology group. ShipCaddie has completely different DNA, to your benefit.

Our development team surveyed shippers, 3PLs, and former carrier executives to find where our competitors fall short, and then built a software that goes above and beyond. This user-centric ethos resulted in a shipping software that is exceptionally easy to use, customizable, and efficient.

Customer Support? We go a step further.

It is natural to have questions beyond simple configuration. Our CaddieCare team consists of shipping experts, ready to answer questions And guide you through integration.

We don't believe in call trees or ambiguous response times, and we offer our users access to direct-dial phone support, email, and chat. eCommerce moves fast, and we are here to set the pace.

App Features

Unlimited Everything

Unlimited users, shipping sites, direct integrations, carrier accounts, and products. We may have forgotten something. Rest assured, it's unlimited.

Built-In USPS Rates

Just getting started? You can still ship today. ShipCaddie has built-in USPS rates with Commercial Pricing on every account.

Automate to Dominate

Using our Business Rule feature, automate processes and preferences such as shopping for the most competitive shipping rates with one click!

Analytics and Reporting

Advanced data aggregation tools allow you to see cost and characteristics trends in one click.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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