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About the app

ShipHawk offers highly scalable, warehouse and fulfillment solutions that fit your company and integrate seamlessly with BigCommerce. Businesses today must deliver on customer expectations set by the mega-retailers and they have to do it with a fraction of the resources. Every customer now expects one click to buy and two-day, free shipping. ShipHawk gives you access to the same tools and efficiencies of the largest companies in the world so you can automate and improve your fulfillment and shipping process.

How does ShipHawk's shipping software work?

ShipHawk brings you best-in-class shipping solutions and solves the most pressing problems for high volume retail, wholesale, and eCommerce companies:

  • Reduce shipping costs and increase revenue
  • Rapidly process parcel and LTL shipments on one platform
  • Use business rules to eliminate errors from warehouse decision making
  • Rate shop multi-carrier parcel and LTL in one place
  • Automatically select the right carrier and service
  • Pack orders efficiently in the best box, every time
  • Eliminate manual steps in the warehouse
  • Scale without adding headcount

Straight from our customer: "ShipHawk helped us to increase our operational efficiency by more than 100% and is reducing our average shipment cost by more than 13%!"

Kyle Muench, VP Operations, ERGOMOTION

App Features

A single shipping tool for multi-carrier shipping. Utilize a single platform for scale

ShipHawk supports both parcel and LTL (less-than-truckload) carriers in one system that scales with your growth. Optimize order-level routing across carriers, services and modes to guarantee the lowest-cost option, while meeting your delivery promise.

Always choose the best carrier and service

Easily add and use your negotiated rates. ShipHawk routes every order to the optimal carrier and service. Access hundreds of carriers and 3PLs from one platform.

Stop logging into carrier websites one at a time

Eliminate manual quoting in separate systems by using ShipHawk. Access your carriers in one place to get rates, book shipments and manage your orders. Reduce errors and avoid duplicate entry.

Automated Shipping Software

Streamline your business operations with an automated shipping system built for BigCommerce users. ShipHawk's shipping automation software helps find the best shipping carriers and rates while saving companies time and money throughout the shipping process.

Our proprietary packing and shipping algorithms ensure that every order:

  • Is shipped from the right warehouse
  • Is packed in the most cost effective box
  • Is sent with the best carrier and service
  • Based on your established rates and desired transit time
  • And the data is reported back for real-time analytics
Automate intelligent decision making

Most businesses spend a ton of time and money trying to ship orders more efficiently. Our shipping software helps automate order fulfillment and eliminate worker decisions so businesses can take control of their warehouse operations.

Case Studies

Hammer Nutrition

Read this case study on How ShipHawk's shipping software can double daily order throughput

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