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About the app

ShipTect is a package protection plugin for your BigCommerce store that is displayed to your customer at checkout. Your customer can opt-in for a small % of their order amount to get peace of mind through the shipping process that their package will arrive safe and in the condition expected. ShipTect will increase the revenue from your store instantly by 2-4%.

What makes us different? You get the extra revenue from your customers, not us. ShipTect also gives you the power to handle your package claims your way. The end result is happy customers and a new revenue stream, as you will keep the surplus revenue when packages are delivered correctly. By using ShipTect, you are given the power to self-insure the packages you send out from loss, theft, or damage and offer your customers a one-stop-shop.

The ShipTect app is a one-click installation process that can be done by store owners in less than 5 minutes, although we are always here to help! We offer a free two-week trial. Once your free trial is up, you don't pay for a thing until people start using ShipTect in your store.

App Features

Package and Shipping Protection

Struggling with customers saying they never received their package from you? Or that the package was damaged upon arrival? ShipTect allows you to collect money from your customers to cover the cost when loss, theft, or damage occurs.

Extra Revenue

The package protection option is automatically selected when your customer begins checkout. It is a small percentage that you can customize based on your store and it's a percentage of their order total to entice the customer to pay the shipping protection. A small amount of packages are ever lost, stolen, or damaged, so this is an instant revenue boost. You also now have money to cover and pay for any packages that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

In-house customer service

You can handle the claims how you want them handled. You don't have to worry about a third-party company neglecting or scaring off your customer. You don't have to wait for 4-6 weeks that shipping companies take to process a claim, as you can immediately refund or replace your customer's order. This allows you the flexibility to create your own claims process to make sure that your customers are satisfied.


ShipTect is not an insurance company, but allows you to self-insure. We want to empower you as a merchant to have extra revenue that can pay out claims directly to your customers. You don't have to wait for a team of underwriters that analyze every claim and end up denying many of them anyways. ShipTect empowers you to have the best customer service policies around.

Low Monthly Cost

ShipTect is a monthly subscription. Our goal is for your monthly subscription to pay for itself from the extra revenue generated in under 3 business days per month. We have several different tiers that allow merchants of all sizes to benefit from our app- including a free tier!

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