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Currently barcode technology remains the standard for maintaining inventory. Although barcodes still provide value, they fall short of truly simplifying many critical inventory functions. For example, using barcodes to perform an inventory audit is a slow, labor-intensive process, that can be disastrous when workers make errors.

In the future, RFID will be the new standard for inventory technology. So, what is RFID? RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is the technology which allows you to tag your products with a new kind of tag, a tag containing a microchip. nd with that microchip come many incredible benefits.

Using RFID you can:

-Identify each individual item because each chip has a unique serial number

- Perform inventory audits at a rate of 100's of items per second

- Count at over 99% accuracy

- Forget about handling each item. The reader does not need to "see" the tag like a barcode requires.

- Be guided to a desired item via audio and visual cues.

Simple RFID now allows you to integrate this incredible technology directly to your BigCommerce store, including:

- Sync Products/SKUs

Any product or SKU entered into BigCommerce will automatically be added to Simple RFID.

- Orders

Operators are able to verify the accuracy of each Customer Order without the need to unpack the box.

- Inventory

After generating an RFID inventory audit, users are able to sync their inventory numbers with their current BigCommerce inventory numbers.

Additionally, we provide downloadable inventory sync reports which identify what changes were made with your inventory.

- RFID Tag Printing

Via our private network facilitates, users are able to print and encode RFID labels with the touch of a button, directly from the app.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
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