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About the app

Instant, secure, and delightfully efficient

Skipify has cracked the code to create a truly connected checkout experience. We've streamlined the checkout process by instantly connecting shoppers with their favorite payment options. With our suite of tools that make shopper's transactions fast, secure, and easy, merchants are able to eliminate guest checkout for good and offer a portable solution that works across all of their channels, regardless of device. With Skipify, you can eliminate friction and start building stronger customer relationships today!

What our merchant partners love about Skipify

  • HUGE reduction in abandoned carts
  • Device agnostic checkout experience that works fantastically across every platform
  • Seriously secure with PCI DSS Level 1 certificatio
  • Shoppers can instantly access their cards and have their personal information filled in automatically
  • Happier customers that keep coming back thanks to our fast and simple checkout experience

App Features

Expedited Guest Checkout

With Skipify's Expedited Guest Checkout, our SDK allows your customers to seamlessly complete any transaction. When the email entered into your guest checkout form matches a registered Skipify customer, our SDK does all the heavy lifting by identifying and automatically filling in the customer's information, saving them time and reducing the frustration associated with a standard checkout flow.

Card Linking

Skipify's Card Linking feature gathers available cards already on file with our issuing partners and automatically adds them to your customer's digital wallet. Skipify handles the heavy lifting by populating all of their details and eliminates the time and effort required to manually enter their information. With Card Linking, shoppers can easily access their preferred cards through Skipify's extensive partnerships with their favorite issuers! Treat your customers to a delightfully efficient checkout experience with Skipify.

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