SkuVault is a warehouse management technology platform that empowers B2C and B2B companies to optimize their operations at a fraction of the cost. We provide fast and hands-on customer service, actionable data, and automated processes to reduce  supply chain inefficiencies. On average, clients decrease their out of stocks by 10x, reduce labor costs by 30%, and reduce fulfillment time by 87%. Let SkuVault unlock the potential of your inventory!

Profile your products: by code, SKU, brand, classification, attributes, suppliers, photos, tags, incremental order quantity, re-order point, and more! Kit, bundle, and assemble your products - all from your product catalog.

  • Create Products

  • Re-Order Points

  • Classifications

  • Attributes

  • Product Catalog

  • Kitting & Bundling

Inventory Features

Reduce out-of-stocks with quantity syncs across your channels and your warehouse every 5 minutes, auditing, & buffers. Smart locations keep track of your products so you don’t have to.

  • Barcoding

  • Locations

  • Audits and Counts

Order & Fulfillment Features

Your warehouse workers' bread & butter. Pull orders in, use our barcode scanning-enhanced workflow to pick via picklist or tablet with smart routing, and prevent picking and shipping errors with quality control.

  • Orders

  • Basic Picking

  • Wave Picking

  • Quality Control

  • Holds

Supply Chain Features

We've got your back through every step of the supply chain - forecast, purchase, & receive your inventory, manage your suppliers and your warehouses.

  • Multiple Warehouses

  • Suppliers

  • Forecasting

  • Replenishment

  • Purchasing

  • Receiving

Reports & Settings

Always know how much money you have tied up in your inventory, how fast it's turning, & when to order more. Utilize user roles to track employee efficiency and accuracy.

  • Dashboard

  • Reports

  • User Roles

  • Support Manager

  • Help Documentation

  • Phone

  • Onboarding Specialist

  • Training Team