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About the app

Do you know how well your online store is operating?

  • Acquire and retain more customers with insights from your BigCommerce data.
  • Answer hard questions like 'Do churned customers re-activate when they get a promo email?', by diving deeper into your BigCommerce raw data.
  • Create refreshable dashboards to monitor your KPIs and make timely, data-driven decisions.

Easily get insights hidden in your BigCommerce data.

Connect directly to your raw BigCommerce data, chart your KPIs and involve your team to build a data-driven online store. No programming or SQL knowledge required.

Have a complete view of your BigCommerce Store.

See your e-commerce KPIs alongside other company data, dive deeper and see how much of your revenue depends on customer support or email marketing and access a full history to see long term trends and growth. Combine data from different data sources on a single chart and dashboard.

Let teammates explore the data.

Encourage teammates to answer their own question with data by setting up dashboard filters. Your team will be able to filter and segment reports to see completely new viewpoints.

Work together to make decisions.

Collaboration features make it easy to manage dashboards' access and involve the right teammates in the reports.

Keep dashboards alive by scheduling data refreshing.

Schedule data refreshing to populate your dashboards with the most recent data.

Create a Slemma account, connect to your BigCommerce account and start getting insights now.

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $99.00/mo.


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