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About the app

SMS Notification has been the most preferred way of communicating with customers when you are running an eCommerce business.

SMS Notification can not only help you with order fulfillment details but can also help you in the form of Push Notifications which can serve your marketing objectives for the longer term.

Our BigCommerce SMS Notification application allows you to keep in touch with your customers with order details and new user registration through which you can keep track on your prospective customers.

It will also prompt you whenever there is an Abandoned Cart, which will let you retarget and market each prospect with abandoned cart.

App Features

Supports Multiple SMS Gateways:

Our application allows you to send SMS notifications through various popular SMS Gateways like Twilio, MSG91, Bulk SMS, Nexmo, Clickatell.

Through our application, an admin can easily integrate with multiple SMS service websites as per his preference.

Customer Notification:

SMS is the most fastest and convenient way to communicate with your customer. For a delightful customer experience, it is important for a store owner to engage with customers at every level best possible.

Our application allows you to stay connected with your customers for various events like "New Order Placed", "New User Registration", "Update in Order".

Admin Notification:

What's a better way to stay updated with low product stocks and abandoned carts? As a store owner, managing multiple things at the same time can be cumbersome, our application will allow you to manage your product inventory whenever you're stocks are running low.

Our application will prompt you with SMS Notification to restock your inventory before you run out of business.

This feature will also help with Abandoned Carts, which most of the store owner faces as the user at the end of their buying cycles abandon carts for reasons best known to them. This can impact your product sales. To minimize Abandoned Carts, our SMS notification feature will keep track of each abandoned user for the admin to retarget and remarket the user again either with push notifications or promotional messages.

SMS Templates:

Personalized and interactive SMS Templates are indeed a great way to connect with your customers with notifications such as "New Order Placed", "Update Order", "New User Registration".

Our SMS Template feature will allow you to create interactive templates for different customers.

Easily Configurable:

Our application is easy to configure which doesn't take much of your precious time. Our application supports popular SMS gateways through which SMS notifications can be sent to the customer.

For our application configuration, an admin has to enter the API Credentials of the SMS gateway for better functioning of the entire application.

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  • Free Trial: 10 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $10.00/mo.


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