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About the app

SourceKnowledge helps e-commerce stores get an incremental lift in sales by turning your store catalog into a shopping feed. Stores successfully use our platform to access in-market shoppers on comparison shopping engines, channel driven content sites, in-text ads, native placements, influencers and deal sites. Creating a retargeting campaign is also possible if you'd like to create a full funnel strategy. Your shopping ads will run outside of Google, Facebook and Amazon and give you that incremental lift in sales you've been looking for outside these properties.

This SourceKnowledge extension for BigCommerce saves you time and development resources by automatically completing the required steps to start advertising with SourceKnowledge. Once installed, your store will automatically be tagged with the SourceKnowledge pixel to help you serve ads to your store visitors. A product feed will also be generated from your catalog so you can run PLA style ads as well as retargeting ads if you so choose.

App Features

Pixel placement on your site
  • Automatically places the SourceKnowledge pixel on all pages of your BigCommcerce store to save you developer time.
Generate Product Feed from Catalog
  • Automatically pulls products into a product feed including titles, descriptions and prices allowing for easy distribution to partner channels.
Track sales, new customers, conversions & RoAS
  • Track the number of sales, revenue, average order amounts, RoAS/ CPA as well as new customers driven by your SourceKnowledge campaigns using macros in the SourceKnowledge pixel that pass back these values.
Dynamic Product Listing Ads (dPLAs) (Optional)
  • Re-market active shoppers that have shown interest in your products across the open web to maximize conversions.
Personalized Customer Support
  • Enjoy personalized and committed customer support that is focused on helping your brand grow. Reach us by email or phone.

Case Studies

CBD retailer Bluebird Botanicals increases awareness and sales during Covid-19 Pandemic

Bluebird Botanicals is an award winning Hemp Extract and CBD company specializing in CBD products including extracts, lotions and soft gels. The company's core mission is to have a positive impact on the environment while promoting safe, natural and affordable CBD products to it's ever-growing customer base. It is a Certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of environmental and social impact. It is in good company alongside Patagonia, Etsy and Ben & Jerry's. Focused on increasing sales to its online store, Bluebird Botanicals chose SourceKnowledge to run a shopping and retargeting campaign using dynamic ads generated from the product catalog.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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