Spotrisk: Fraud protection

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About the app

Spotrisk automatically detects risky orders and verifies buyers to protect revenue and prevent chargebacks

How does Spotrisk work?

Stop worrying about chargebacks and fraud for your ecommerce store.

Spotrisk analyzes thousands of data points like website behavior, IP address, and buyer contact details to spot and prevent fraud before the order is processed.

One-click buyer verification on flagged orders, allows you to fulfil orders with confidence, and block bad actors from future transactions.

Join the Spotrisk safety network to access and add to a global ecommerce block list. Like a security camera for your online store, let Spotrisk keep an eye on risky customers and protect your revenue.

App Features

Confident fulfilment

Automatically detect and flag risky orders. Verify buyers with one click so you can ship with confidence.

Smart Block buyers

Block bad actors from purchasing from your store permanently and gain access to Spotrisk's blocked buyer network.

Free and quick to set up

Connect with your online store instantly, with fast set up and easy-to-use interface

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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