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About the app

Unlock the benefits of recurring revenue with fast and flexible subscriptions. Subscriptions allows you to easily launch and manage unique subscription programs from your BigCommerce storefront. You'll be able to:

  • Enable subscriptions on all or some of your products
  • Create flexible subscription offerings
  • Manage subscription workflows
  • Boost retention with decline management tools
  • Automate customer email notifications

Our app has the functionality you need to deliver a superior subscription experience to every customer and the tools to help you build customer relationships and reach your recurring revenue potential.

As a preferred partner of BigCommerce for subscriptions, our knowledgeable team is here to guide you each step of the way. When you choose, you get:

  • A fast, turnkey solution that's easy to install and configure
  • A team with 15+ years of experience helping ecommerce merchants meet their subscription management needs
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and scalability
  • Unlimited flexibility in subscription models and frequency
  • Guided onboarding and setup — free of charge
  • Dedicated customer success specialists
  • Ongoing product and feature development
We've done everything we can to simplify the subscription business model and put control in ecommerce merchants' hands. Install our native app today to offer competitive subscription services from your BigCommerce store.

App Features

Quick and easy setup

Our onboarding team will help you install the Subscriptions app for BigCommerce and provide personalized training free of charge. Learn how to configure, launch and manage subscriptions from your BigCommerce store manager. It's a snap to start selling.

Custom, flexible subscription offers unique to your business

Easily provide recurring billing options that make the most sense for you and your customers. You can offer various types of subscription models, including:

  • Standard 30-/60-/90-day models or specific recurring dates
  • Custom promotions like subscribe-and-save discounts
  • Membership programs with exclusive perks and benefits

You can mass-enable subscriptions or select specific products from your BigCommerce catalog to meet your customers' needs.

One seamless checkout experience

Increase conversions with a simple checkout process. The Subscriptions app for BigCommerce supports mixed-cart checkout, so your customers can make one-time and subscription purchases in a single transaction. Our app is compatible with the most popular payment gateways that support recurring billing and have multi-currency support.

Reduce churn and keep happy, engaged customers

Offer customers a flexible, reliable subscription experience to keep them coming back for more. Combat churn with these features:

  • An easy-to-use customer portal lets subscribers modify order details as well as skip, pause, cancel or advance their shipments
  • Rebill Protection identifies and delays expected failed rebills before they happen, and gives you recommendations on how to salvage transactions
  • Klaviyo and Mailchimp integrations keep customers informed about changes to their subscriptions with automated email notifications
Subscription analytics to help you optimize and scale your business

Drill down on areas of opportunity or celebrate your successes with analytics that include:

  • Subscriber growth
  • Subscriber retention
  • Product forecasts
  • Churn rates
  • Reasons for churn

These essential data points will help you find the most effective subscription offerings and optimize retention.

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  • Custom Price:
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