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About the app

Boost your sales and profit on eBay

StreetPricer is an eBay tool that reprices your listings based on Competitors and Sales Velocity to maximize your sales, profit, and inventory flow.

Used by retailers who sell exclusively on eBay, or Amazon sellers who need a repricer that works on the eBay platform, StreetPricer finds and tracks your competitors, and monitors your sales velocity. Both catalog and non-catalog listings are supported, including multi-variations.

StreetPricer works on all eBay sites, has customers in over 18 countries, supports multiple currencies, multiple stores, and can reprice directly to eBay or update prices in BigCommerce.


More sales

Keep your listings always price-competitive for higher turnover.

More profit

Move your prices higher when your competitors are out-of-stock or whenever there is a price gap.

Higher turnover

Maximizes your inventory turnover and enhance your cashflow.

Saves money

Save hundreds of staff hours and thousands in wages.

No lock-in contracts

Monthly subscription and no lock-in contracts.

App Features

AI Scan

Algorithmic scanning of competitors using a combination of catalog and non-catalog data such as UPC, EAN, MPN, ASIN, ePID, ISBN, Brand, MPN, SKU, Interchange number, and so on.

​Automated Price Tracking

Competitors' prices are tracked automatically and updated every time an AutoPrice job is run.

Competitor-based or Velocity-based Repricing

Flexible price rules to implement your pricing strategy to maximize your turnover and profit.

Multi-variations Support

Fully supports eBay's multi-variations. Reprices against individual variations on competitors' listings.

Connect to eCommerce Platforms

Connects to multiple eCommerce platforms. Ability to reprice concurrently to eBay and eCommerce platforms.

Case Studies

Success Story: Health & Beauty

StreetPricer has helped Meagan to increase her revenue on the premium products in the face of tough competition.

Success Story: Electronics

Using StreetPricer, Josh runs a very high volume online retailing business in one of the most competitive and fast-moving categories.

Success Story: Sporting Goods

Ben is able to run the company's eBay store with only a small team. The revenue contribution from Ben's eCommerce section to the overall business has been increasing year-on-year. With an inventory of 50,000 SKUs that are always price competitive.

Success Story: Automotive

"Since using StreetPricer I no longer have to go and manually check our competitors prices, if one of our competitors drop their price by a little but then we can get our prices adjusted to make sre we keep those sales." – Simon

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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