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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $7.99/mo.

About the app

Super Recommendations app allows you to display the personalized recommended product on the Home page, Product page, Collection page, Cart page & Thank you page that attract the target customers. Provide a satisfying customer experience to online shoppers who need guidance on finding what they want.

App Features

How does Super Recommendations work

Admin has options to set recommended products to display in the widgets on the front-end such as:

  • Products from the same product types: Display products from the same & related types.
  • Products from same product brand: Admin can recommend the products from the same brand.
  • Products from the same keywords: Display products from the same or related keywords.
  • Top Selling: Display the products that are being sold more and high in demand on the store
  • New Arrival: Display all newly added products as recommendations on the product & cart page.
Page Configuration & Widgets

Super Recommendations app dashboard allows you to configure widgets to display recommended products. Admin can freely choose the location to set customize widgets on

  • Homepage
  • Product detail page
  • Cart page
  • Thank you page to show dynamic & personalized product recommendations.
Automatic & Manual Recommendations
  • Automatic Recommendations: Related products are determined based on similar product types, brands, and Keywords to show automatically on the respective page. You can choose any of these conditions or all at once, priority will be decided as per the order of conditions given.
  • Manual Recommendations: You can select the main product and respective products manually that you want to show as recommendations on your store. Select the main product to view or configure its manual recommendations. After selecting the main product, you can search for products to be added manually as a recommended product.

Note: Products Exclude: You can select the products that will not be displayed as recommendations for other products. We recommend using the product exclude option to exclude products that you don't want to display with your main product.

Dashboard & Analytics

Super Recommendations App has a flexible dashboard so the admin can quickly analyze how this App helps to increase orders, track data about the number of product clicks, conversion rate, revenue, and the sales converted by the widget on all pages.

Customizable widgets

Admin can easily customize the widgets with heading text, font size, colors, buttons to match with the theme and can also set product quantity to show as recommended products.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $7.99/mo.


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