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About the app

One place to sync, sell and ship across all of your marketplaces and stores. SureDone is the ONE STOP PLATFORM to list and sell your products to the most popular online marketplaces. Our software handles the behind-the-scenes work, so you can focus on what's important: your growing list of products and customers.

Use Suredone to:

  • Centrally manage products and sync inventory across all channels
  • Swiftly process and consolidate orders and update tracking
  • Directly create labels and ship orders from warehouses or via drop shipping
  • Automate repetitive tasks like connecting to suppliers, downloading inventory and pricing, uploading changes to individual channels
  • Full support for eBay Motors and automotive, motorsports and powersports fitment - including a specialized fitment module providing year, make and model search on BigCommerce!
Our onboarding is full service - helping you integrate your existing processes and currently listed products without skipping a beat.

App Features

Supported Channels
  • eBay Worldwide, eBay Motors, Amazon Worldwide, Walmart US, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, Google Shopping Actions, Google Shopping, Etsy, Newegg, BigCommerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento 1.x, Magento 2.x.
  • Through our automation engine, within about 2 weeks we can create connections for sending products and inventory, receiving orders and sending tracking info to boutique channels we don't currently support.
E-Commerce Product Management and Listing
  • A single point of truth unifying all of your product information for all of your channels
  • On a per product or default basis, select which channels to list - or not list - on
  • On a single product, vary data like titles and descriptions to optimize them for specific channels
  • Specify an attribute once and map it to multiple channels (like color – set color to red once and we'll push it everywhere, or condition, etc.)
  • Unlimited custom fields. Where is the product stored? What vendor do you dropship it through? What data is unique to you?
  • Once you have your product in SureDone, click a button to list it everywhere, or customize where you list it.
  • Make an update, click the button again to send it where it's supposed to be. Updated inventory, new pricing, additional images. You name it.
Multichannel Inventory Sync
  • Master of inventory. Keep it in sync everywhere. Whether your data changes from orders or from supplier imports, ensure accurate inventory levels
  • Unlimited individual stock fields aggregate into a single total stock when sending to channels
  • Reduce oversells - "Min stock" reserves a minimum amount of stock in your inventory i.e. if you set minstock to 2, and have 10 in stock, we'll send 8 to your channels
  • Max stock sets a limit on the stock level you push to channels i.e. if you have 10,000 in stock and set max stock to 10, we'll send 10 to channels. Sell one, we'll put it back to 10 until you actually have less than 10. Great for increasing buyer urgency or reducing the total value of products you've listed when channels have limits.
  • Connect to warehouse management systems to pull or push stock
  • Import stock from suppliers and sync to channels
  • Bring in stock from drop shippers
  • When creating kits & bundles, the number of kits or bundles can be based on your stock on hand of individual components
Order Management and Shipping
  • Consolidate all orders from all channels
  • Track what is still pending and what is complete
  • See all order data available from the channel, including buyer info (email address where available), products, fees, total order info, and even details of customized products from BigCommerce.
  • Split or combine orders
  • Compare shipping rates from multiple shippers, then create and print shipping labels from within SureDone
  • Print out pick lists or packing lists
  • Send orders to drop shippers
  • Send orders to logistics software like ShipStation and SKUVault
  • Send tracking info back to channels
  • Search and export order information
Additional Features
  • We support high SKU counts – one of our customers has over 7.5 million SKUs in SureDone
  • Upload bulk files containing hundreds of thousand of new products or product modifications
  • Comprehensive exports allow you to export orders or products, pick which fields, order your fields, perform complex searches to identify what data to export, and save the export for repeated use.
  • Search on ANY field in SureDone, even fields containing complex information
  • Compare fields as part of a search, for example search (Product Price < Product Cost AND ebayid is not blank) to find all products where your sell price is lower than your cost AND your product is actively listed on eBay.
  • Full support for eBay fitment / year/make/model
  • Advanced kits and bundles, including creating kits of kits or bundles of kits. A kit is made up of multiple different components (Four wheels, four tires, tire pressure monitors) while a bundle is made up of the same components (four tires). Availability and pricing of kits and bundles can be based on the availability and pricing of their components, or set separately.
  • Open, extremely comprehensive (anything you can do in the UI OR in bulk can be done via the API) and well documented API.
  • Advanced automation engine lets us connect to almost any type of system to exchange almost any kind of data (think ERP, CRM, POS systems) plus has integrated EDI
  • Full service onboards, customized connections to systems and data, connections to data providers and lots more - all available.

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  • Custom Price:
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