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About the app

Grow your eCommerce business predictably based on data without a team of in-house data scientists. Tadpull Pond software is an eCommerce Customer Data Platform designed to meet the needs of midmarket merchants to help them grow through acquisition and retention by collecting and visualizing the right data and testing, then automating campaigns through paid and email platforms.

App Features

Unify + Visualize

Aggregate all of the right data to monitor eCommerce performance and quickly detect when key metrics change (for better or worse) and understand the "why."


Get a clear full-funnel view of your eCommerce customer journey from first interaction to conversion and know which channels help to acquire, retain, and convert customers.


Easily see customer behavior and personalize the experiences to help them find the right products and content that helps build a trusting relationship with your brand.

Product Catalog

The product journey is almost as important as the customer journey. Based on the first purchase, predict the next most likely purchase and when they'll be ready to buy again.


Leverage your data to orchestrate digital marketing campaigns tailored to the customer experience based on data and automate campaigns that perform.

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