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About the app

TargetBay Product Reviews Introduction

Our platform helps merchants collect product reviews, site reviews and photo reviews. We help automate the review collection process from your customers. We have made it easier for your customers to write reviews.

TargetBay Product Reviews and Questions and Answers

Make use of customer reviews to build your brand credibility needed for marketing and increase the conversion rate of your store. Use your product reviews to increase your organic traffic and we submit your reviews to Google Shopping ads.

App Features


1. Collect 12X customer reviews with smart automation

2. Automate review collection process by sending emails after every purchase and delivery

3. Send in-mail reviews, receipts and let customers directly send reviews through emails.

4. Moderate reviews to stop spammers and showcase only genuine user-generated content


1. In-line HTML lets you index your reviews and get visibility in all search engines.

2. All content generated is indexable by Google and it helps improve your organic ranking as well as improve customer engagement.

3. Getting the shiny stars on Google search results through Google rich snippets is a definite way to get user's attention.

4. Improve your SERP click-through rate and also your website credibility through TargetBay Reviews And QA feature.

Question & Answers

1.. Build user trust and improve conversion by increasing user-generated content

2. Build forums and QA section to connect better with customers.

3. TargetBay helps you collect tons of user-generated content that search engines love.

Social Media Integration with Facebook and Instagram

1.Build reviews and get awarded with TargetBay trust badges to instantly get your customer's trust.

2.Integrated reviews on Facebook to build the social trust is needed to build customer loyalty and trust. Reviews with other social platforms are also being integrated.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
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