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About the app

Catalog Import - The catalog integration makes it easy to upload your product catalog, with images, large descriptions, and strategic pricing, all from a single unified source.

Endless Aisle – In order to increase your potential sales, Teamwork's integration with BigCommerce allows you to select or exclude the stores you may wish to use for fulfillment on E-commerce.

Receive Orders - When a customer places an online order, that order is sent directly to Teamwork for fulfillment. Our robust Order management system makes order processing seamless.

Real-Time Quantity Updates – Using the integration quantities available to sell can be refreshed every few minutes which typically provides a current view of on-hand and committed merchandise.

App Features

Mobile Point of Sale

Teamwork Commerce is a intuitively designed mobile platform, with an integrated cloud backend that makes it fast and easy to sell to your customers. It works on iPad and connects to all the latest hardware: payment portals, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers. Teamwork enables a sleek, cutting edge point of sale experience that supports real time commerce across sales channels.

Inventory management

Teamwork Commerce enables retailers to sell, track and manage inventory. With dynamic inventory control, retailers can create an interconnected backend with all inventory available to sell across channels. Our robust tools streamline the inventory management process, retailers can have granular control over buffer stock & on-hand inventory, providing total visibility around item availability at every location and ensuring that customers can always purchase the items they want.

Secure CRM

Build meaningful relationships with your customers, Teamwork Secure CRM provides one place for every channel, don't mix-up your customer information, create a holistic customer experience with all key customer data, history behavior centrally visible in one place. Teamwork Commerce offers a completely unified cloud based CRM, with industry leading security encryption and usability designed to empower sales across all channels.

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  • Custom Price:
    $80 per POS

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