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About the app

TextRetailer brings the shopping experience to SMS text messages. Our Reply to Buy campaigns allow your customers to purchase offers by simply replying "yes". No clicks or checkout pages required. It's the easiest, lowest-friction buying experience available.

App Features

Send a Text, Make a Sale

Text messages meet your customers where they are—on their phones. The messages don't sit unopened, get caught in spam filters, or wind up in junk mail. SMS is the fastest, most effective way to reach existing and potential shoppers.

Reply to Buy Text Campaigns

Text customers about new products, exclusive offers or flash sales. They reply "yes" if they like what they see. Payment is captured and the order is synced to BigCommerce. It's the fastest, lowest-friction buying experience available.

Own Your Audience

Connect directly with your audience by cutting through the social media noise, getting past the junk mail that clutters inboxes, and reducing online advertising costs.

QuickCarts: Curated Shopping Experiences

Boost profits by increasing your average repeat purchase rate and designing fast, individualized ecommerce shopping experiences. Create links for curated product combinations and send them via text, QR code, or email to customers who'll come back again and again.

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