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About the app

Find new customers, expand your business and boost revenue by entering a new source of sales. The TikTok Shop Connector by CedCommerce offers sellers multichannel selling opportunities and helps them easily connect their BigCommerce Store with TikTok Shop. Experience seamless selling through the "TikTok Shop Connector app" and leverage the power of TikTok social commerce.

The Connector app empowers you to operate and manage your TikTok Shop directly from the app. When you integrate your online business with TikTok, you can effortlessly sync products, manage TikTok orders, and upload products in bulk. Moreover, CedCommerce's Connector app gives your business instant exposure to the TikTok online audience.

Tap into the world of approximately 1 Billion shoppers and unveil new selling opportunities with CedCommerce.

Why selling on TikTok can be your next Big Move:

  • TikTok is blooming as a powerpack platform to influence sales. Customers' easy accessibility to the platform is proving to be a boon for merchants.
  • TikTok Shopping feature provides a streamlined in-app product selling experience to eCommerce businesses. Thus enabling sellers to reach new geographies with minimal effort.
  • TikTok appeals to the Gen Z audience and is a great opportunity for sellers to reach today's generation.
  • Grow your brand footprint globally with approximately 1 Billion TikTok users and sell from the comfort of your own country.
  • 61% of TikTokers and shoppers admitted that they tend to buy from brands and merchants they see advertised.
  • The social commerce platform is loaded with visual and dynamic features, making it easier for brands to engage and create a community around their products.

CedCommerce, helps you with everything from setting up and maintaining your online store to engaging shoppers more effectively. The team can also help you measure the performance of your efforts and uncover fresh insights.

Get round-the-clock support from CedCommerce whenever you need it. Best-in-class Support Service, 24X7 Live Chat, and a Dedicated Account Manager.

App Features

Quick and smooth seller onboarding:

The solution comes with a quick and easy authentication process enabling merchants to make optimum utilization of the app, saving time and effort. By following just a few simple steps sellers can get started with the app.

Uninterrupted inventory and order data flow:

The solution saves tons of manual effort in mapping inventory and orders between the BigCommerce and TikTok Shop. The workload is reduced to half. With easy syncing, any update on the BigCommerce store can be reflected on TikTok Shop.

Effortless bulk product upload:

The Tiktok Shop Connector by CedCommerce app extends a great opportunity for product optimization and inventory sync between the BigCommerce store and TikTok Shop in near real-time. With this app, simply select the products you want to list on TikTok Shop and upload them in one go.

Attribute Mapping:

With the Tiktok Shop Connector by CedCommerce app, you can also map TikTok attributes with BigCommerce attributes in just a few clicks. The attribute mapping can be done on individual product levels as well as on profile levels for bulk products.

Prevent overselling:

Keeping in mind the uncertainties of overselling or overstocking, the app provides the option to set threshold inventory. Merchants can share a threshold inventory limit, and whenever a seller reaches that limit, he is notified about the same, thus preventing him from overselling.

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  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $29.00/mo.


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