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About the app

About Tolstoy Interactive Video

We just launched! Join now and get free access to unlimited videos!

Growing your business and selling online just got a lot easier. Build a strong emotional connection with your visitors, and quickly guide them to the right products with Tolstoy's 1-click-install, no-code, free interactive videos.

We're changing the way you sell online!

Imagine if you could have an actual conversation with every visitor. That's exactly what you get with Tolstoy. Completely personalize your product recommendations for every visitor, based on their preferences to quickly boost online sales.

Some ways to use Tolstoy

  • Add TikTok-like videos to your store to sell your products
  • As a personal shopper to consult clients
  • Shoppable video quizzes allow you to upsell products
  • Add an interactive FAQ videoAsk for video reviews and testimonials
  • Increase website traffic with engaging content
  • Uncover what your customers really want
  • Boost shopping cart value with pop-up widgets
  • Welcome visitors to your site with a personal touch

The benefits of Tolstoy

  • Collect visitor contact details.
  • Build brand loyalty by showing visitors the authentic, intimate side of your brand.
  • Explain complicated products with ease and grace, with tailored selling points for each type of customer.
  • Put your best face forward and make your brand more personal and real.
  • Add something special and unique to your site!

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Once you install the app, you'll get access to Tolstoy's drag-and-drop interactive video maker, where you can easily create your first Tolstoy. We're excited to see all the ways you choose to use Tolstoy! 1 click installation, 0 developers needed! Start making more sales and increase cart value today!

Integrates with

Hubspot, Zapier, Klaviyo, Slack, Gorgias

App Features

Create Stunning Product Videos

Our gallery of video popup templates promotes products, increases store traffic, & receives video questions from customers. Answer with your own videos!

Create Shoppable Quizzes

Quickly add shoppable video quizzes and personal shopper widgets that can increase conversions for your online store.

Boost Sales with Video Reviews

Collect customer video reviews to showcase on homepages, product pages, at checkout, and on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube & Google to boost sales.

Recommend Personalized Items

Easily communicate with every site visitor to send them custom product recommendations and create customer loyalty.

1 Click Installation

Tolstoy has a ready-to-use, customizable eCommerce video gallery and innovative widgets for your site. Set up is easy with 1 click installation, and no code is necessary!

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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