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About the app

Torqued Distribution is a premier wholesale distributor / product sourcing platform for motorsports and performance automotive parts. Our Warehouse as a Service (WaaS) system lets you connect your BigCommerce store directly to our warehouse. This enables one-click product uploads, real-time inventory sync and automatic order fulfillment of orders on your store. Please contact us via www.torqueddistribution.com to become a dealer.

App Instructions

Step 1

Install this Torqued Distribution app from the BigCommerce Marketplace. This will notify Torqued Distribution that the app has been installed on your store and needs to be authorized and connected to your Torqued Distribution account.

Step 2

If you are not registered dealer yet, please visit our website www.torqueddistribution.com to become a dealer.

Step 3

After your store has been authorized, you'll be able to upload products from the Torqued Distribution dealer console and send us orders to fulfill for you.

App Features

1-click product uploads

Quickly upload products to your store, including full description, pricing and images

Real-time inventory updates

Once a product is uploaded, we keep your store's inventory in sync in real time

Seamless order processing

You assign orders to us from your store and we handle the rest, sending tracking back to your store and customer when the product ships

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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