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About the app

RedTrack helps e-com store acquire customers though paid ads (FaceBook, Google etc.) or affiliates/partners. RedTrack provides a script for independent data collection, API integrations for data enrichment, and automation of campaigns based on Rules. BigCommerce plugin ensures that conversion data is send to RedTrack.io account timely and in full. It allows for real-time results attribution to paid campaigns up to keyword / ad level. RedTrack.io uses conversion API to send conversion data to ad networks, helping their AI learn and optimize ads toward finding more customers.

App Features

​Ad tracking backed by first-party data

RedTrack privacy-first technology allows you to track accurate conversion data results down to the ad level. Track every channel and conversion event, consolidate your reporting, automate routine actions and scale your marketing campaigns.

Precise conversion attribution

With RedTrack you are able to attribute sales to correct marketing channels and ads. With Advanced Conversion Path report you are also able to see the whole journey user takes before conversion!

Real-time multichannel reporting

Measure and compare all your channels in one place in real time: paid advertising, organic, email, partnerships, and offline events. We don't sample your data. So you can use all of it to make fast and accurate decisions.

One-click conversion API integrations

Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bing, etc. RedTrack.io doesn't only collects and tracks your conversion data precisely, but helps you seamlessly integrate with TOP advertising platforms to feed their algorithms. Easily connect RedTrack with conversion API of your ad accounts, and start feeding pixels with all conversion data you got!

Performance marketing automation

Found out what works best? No need to manually scale your top performers. Set up rules in RedTrack, and scale revenue automatically. Here are just some of our automation features: auto-costs updates (up to 1 minute), stop-go rules, scale budgets & bids, receive instant notifications & alerts.

Case Studies

How RedTrack Helps Loot Audio Control Ad Campaigns

How RedTrack helps with tracking & analytics

Based on the client's primary goals and objectives, we provided access to these RedTrack functionalities:

  • Tracking CR (conversion rates) for key channels selected by the client: FB, Instagram, Google.
  • Combining multiple advertising channels and multiple conversions into a single marketing funnel.
  • Convenient and intuitive dashboard with reports and real-time updates.
  • Affiliate tracking provided by Partnership Portal: ability to understand the performance of each affiliate marketer or influencer involved in marketing
  • Monitoring advertising effectiveness by channels, campaigns, and other criteria with customizable reports.

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