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About the app

TradeCentric, formerly TradeCentric, transforms the way businesses do business by enabling PunchOut, Purchase Order and Invoice Automation for thousands of buyers and sellers every day. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of eCommerce and eProcurement, TradeCentric helps B2B buyers and sellers connect, automate and scale their digital trading capabilities. We offer a cloud-based integration platform that is fully managed, highly secured and purpose-built to handle the growing complexities of B2B trade and transaction processes.

TradeCentric for BigCommerce drives online sales growth by enabling PunchOut Catalogs and Purchase Order and Invoice automation within your BigCommerce eCommerce platform. With TradeCentric for BigCommerce, buyers can access their web-based catalog and shop for specific products at contracted prices directly from their procurement system. When done, TradeCentric transfers the shopping cart back into the procurement system and automates the purchase order and invoice process. To learn more about TradeCentric, visit us at

The TradeCentric for BigCommerce app integrates your eCommerce store with the TradeCentric Platform, an adaptable cloud-based platform technology that sits between your BigCommerce store and any of your customers on any procurement system, enabling all systems to communicate effectively.

A TradeCentric subscription is required in order to install and use the TradeCentric for BigCommerce App. Additional fees apply. Please contact TradeCentric to get started.

Note: You must have BigCommerce Plus or higher in order to use this solution and be able to segment your product offering and/or pricing on a per customer basis.

App Features

Compatible with any cXML or OCI Procurement or ERP System
  • Easily connect with B2B buyers on any procurement or ERP system.
Enables PunchOut Authentication & PunchOut Cart Return
  • Automatic user creation and secure authentication into the appropriate BigCommerce storefront.
  • Seamless integration of cart data for procurement and ERP systems.
Extends ability to receive Purchase Orders
  • Receive purchase orders related or un-related to PunchOut into BigCommerce from eProcurement or ERP systems via any method, standard or protocol such as EDI, cXML, xCBL and more.
Real-time Testing & Analytics
  • Access to the PunchOut2Go Portal is included to test and simulate each PunchOut Catalog integration and access real-time data analytics to measure conversions and track performance.
Easy installation & configuration
  • Setup and configuration support provided by PunchOut2Go.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $10,000

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