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About the app

When the customer places an order on your store, they will be prompted to enter their billing, delivery and payment details, after which a payment will be processed through the Trust Payments gateway, TRU Connect. The extension handles all aspects of the payment process behind-the-scenes, as well as providing a polished customer experience that is seamlessly integrated into your existing setup. Once completed, the extension will update your BigCommerce admin interface with details of the order. You can manage all orders directly from within the admin interface without needing to leave the site. The features that our app offers are:

  • Supporting both 'Authorize Only' and 'Authorize and Capture' Payment Actions
  • Simplifying compliance with PCI DSS
  • 3-D Secure 2 support built-in
  • Integration with API, allowing back office functions such as transaction updates and refunds
  • All major payment cards and APM's supported
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay supported
and many more to come.

App Features

TRU Fraud Check
Improve security and reduce chargebacks with our award-winning risk management, AML and fraud detection powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Transactions are monitored in real-time to automatically expose attempted fraud.
  • Fraud models are updated continuously to keep pace with emerging threats in financial crime.
  • We connect to Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs) that are central resources for gathering and sharing information on cyber threats to further strengthen your protection.
3D Secure 2

Enhanced 3D Secure 2 as standard on our eCommerce solutions.

  • Enhanced data checks: Data regarding the payment session and customer's device is shared with the card issuer, allowing for risk-based decisions without always needing to seek authentication from the customer. This reduces the time that the average consumer takes to complete a transaction.
  • Easy authentication: Authentication can now be performed by biometrics (fingerprint / facial recognition) or sending a code to a customer's mobile device. This makes it easier for your customers to complete payments and ultimately reduces shopping cart abandonment.
  • Native mobile support: There is comprehensive support for modern mobile devices, simplifying the authentication process for all customers, regardless of the type of device used to process the payment.
PCI DSS Compliance

Our solution helps to ensure your e-commerce solution is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS aims to protect customer's data from unauthorised access and ultimately to reduce the risk of fraud when processing payments online. It establishes requirements and best practices that all merchants must follow when handling sensitive payment credentials. The advantage of exclusively using our BigCommerce app to process payments is that you are not required to store sensitive payment credentials on your system, meaning you may be subject to less stringent self-assessment proceedings.

Alternative Payment Methods

Our BigCommerce app supports the following APM's:















SEPA Direct Debit



WeChat Pay

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