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About the app

About Unbxd PIM

Compelling product content drives great shopping experiences. However, within ecommerce organizations, product content often spans multiple incompatible systems and file formats and runs the risk of being fragmented and inconsistent. The lack of a unified view of product content for ecommerce teams results in high content error rates, unexpected workload, and slow time to market.

Unbxd PIM is a single source of truth for all online product content. Unbxd PIM helps ecommerce teams get product content to market faster by centralizing the import, management, and publication of product content across all sales channels. Ecommerce teams and online shoppers have access to product content that is rich, informative, and consistent every time.

Product content managed easily on BigCommerce sites

In multichannel ecommerce, various sales channels demand product data to be in specific data structures and formats. Ecommerce teams often spend tremendous effort and time to transform their internal product content into channel-specific formats, and as a result they lose valuable go-to-market momentum.

The Unbxd PIM app is built keeping in mind, the complex product content requirements of the ecommerce teams.

Unbxd PIM simplifies the process of fetching, updating and publishing product content for BigCommerce powered sites. Unbxd PIM enables the above seamlessly, without the need for downloading or re-uploading feed files.

greatly simplifies the process of fetching, transforming and publishing centralized product content to BigCommerce-powered ecommerce websites.

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App Features

Seamless content extraction

Import product data directly from any BigCommerce site. Implement business rules and transform product attributes using adapters.

Streamline content management

Automate parts of product content management workflows and improve efficiency.

Centralize product information

Create a single source of truth for all product content including titles, descriptions, price and images.

Create BigCommerce ready content

Perform completeness checks and verify channel readiness of product content.

Publish across channels

Update and publish product content to multiple BigCommerce sites from a single location.

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