Unbxd Recommendations

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Unbxd Recommendations is the best Bigcommerce app for personalized product recommendations.

Unbxd is used by over 150 stores to show high-converting product recommendations to their visitors.

Individually Target your Store visitors

Unbxd Recommendations provides 10 different recommendation widgets, each with a unique role in your visitors' product buying decision process

Each widget is designed to work on different store properties to maximize conversions.


'Recommended For You' and 'Recently Viewed' widgets help in personalizing recommendations to your returning visitors

Target visitors without a high purchase intent with 'Top Sellers' on Homepage showcases the best selling products on your store.


'More Like These' helps in providing visitors alternatives to a product already selected by him/her. Improve your store's average order value.

'Viewed also viewed' and 'Bought also bought' help in product discovery by recommending products viewed by other similar users. Improve your chances of converting visitors with low intent of purchase


Display the 'Category Top Sellers' and 'Brand Top Sellers' to showcase the top selling products within a category and brand. Enable Location based recommendations to display Location specific recommendations


Cross-sell within the cart by displaying 'Cart Recommendations' and improve your store's average order value. Make the best of your visitors' impulse purchase behaviors


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What else do you get?

150+ stores worldwide use Unbxd Recommendations and benefit from the following -

  • Configuration Dashboard - Merchandize products based on your business needs of improving conversions, average order value and size
  • Built-in Template Editor - Change the look and feel of the recommendation widgets in real-time using the Widget Template Editor
  • Real-time Reporting - Get in-depth reports of widget performances across multiple dimensions like categories, brands, performances across locations and visitor types.

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