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About the app

77% of customers buy more products when presented with relevant recommendations. But if you don't show the right product suggestion at the right time, you lose out on cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

In addition to learning from all the data traditionally accessed by recommendations tools, Unbxd Product Recommendations automatically incorporates insights from shopper interactions with other Unbxd products, like Unbxd Commerce Search or Browse. This enables us to provide more accurate personalized recommendations at all relevant stages in the shopper journey, increasing ROI by up to 208%.

App Features


"Recommended For You" and "Recently Viewed" widgets let you personalize recommendations to your returning visitors.

You can also target visitors without high purchase intent by showcasing your "Top Sellers" right on your Homepage.

Product Pages

"More Like These" provides visitors with alternatives to products they have already selected, improving your store's Average Order Value.

"Viewed Also Viewed" and "Bought Also Bought" widgets enable better product discovery by recommending products viewed by similar users, improving your chances of converting visitors with low purchase intent.

Category & Brand Pages

Display "Category Top Sellers" and "Brand Top Sellers" to highlight the most popular products at the category and brand levels.

You can also enable Location-Based Recommendations to display specific recommendations to certain geological regions.

Cart Page

Take advantage of every cross-selling and upselling opportunity by displaying "Cart Recommendations" to increase AOV.

Configuration Options

Merchandise products based on your business needs with our Configuration Dashboard.

You can also change the look and feel of recommendation widgets in real time using the Widget Template Editor.

Use our In-Depth Real Time Reporting to dive deep into widget performance across multiple dimensions like categories, brands, location, and visitor type.

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