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  • Custom Price:
    Flat Fee on capital provided

About the app

Uncapped is Europe's first revenue-based finance provider. We believe founders shouldn't give up ownership of their company to fund growth, so we provide equity and interest free investments from £10k to £5m.

  • Move fast- apply in minutes, get a decision in 24 hours
  • Keep control- no personal guarantees or loss of equity
  • Stay flexible- if revenues slow, so do repayments
  • Worry free- know the full cost upfront. Pay only a flat fee
Businesses with a minimum of 5-6 months trading and £10k in monthly revenues are eligible.

App Features

Installation - easy 3 steps
  • Register on our website with some basic details to see if you qualify in less than 5 minutes
  • Connect your sales & marketing accounts (e.g. Stripe, Facebook, Xero etc..) to our revenue prediction engine
  • Receive 3 funding offers within 24 hours. Select the amount and repayment rate that's right for your business
Easy access to funds
  • Same day cash transfer
  • Virtual credit cards for marketing expenses
  • Online invoice payments tool
​Pay back as your sales grow - no fixed repayment date
  • Our revenue share model means you only repay when you generate sales
  • We'll simply take a fixed percentage of your daily sales until we have recouped the capital + flat fee
  • You choose what percentage of sales to share with us (from 1-20%)
  • If your revenues slow or stop, so do repayments
​Simple pricing
  • £10k-£5m in funding available depending on your recent revenues and growth
  • Revenue share between 1-20%. You choose the percentage, the more you share, the more capital you can access
  • Fees as low as 6%

Case Studies

How a food brand realised its growth potential without dilution

"We see so many brands who run out of runway and are forced to raise equity too soon. Uncapped gave us the breathing room to keep growing without fundraising." JEFF, CO-FOUNDER

  • Use of funds- Inventory
  • Total funding- 125k
  • ROI- 235%
How a D2C brand went from underfunded to oversubscribed

"Uncapped was incredibly responsive. When others couldn't work with us because of limited history or seasonality, they found a way. We now have investors chasing us instead."

  • Use of funds- Inventory
  • Total funding- 200k
  • ROI- 508%
  • Revenue Growth- 400%
How a fashion brand grew revenues 1106% with Uncapped

"Uncapped's revenue share model makes it a great way to grow during uncertain times. Their flexible repayment model was particularly helpful throughout the Covid pandemic."

  • Use of funds- Marketing
  • Total funding- 50k
  • Revenue Growth- 1106%

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  • Custom Price:
    Flat Fee on capital provided


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