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About the app

App version: V 1.4 (Released 01/23/2023)

Convert your store from V2 to V3 today! Our app is an easy-to-use menu- and wizard-driven tool that streamlines a potentially disruptive and risky V2-V3 store upgrade project. It is designed to handle catalogs of all sizes and complexity. The migration process involves the following key steps:

  • Install app
  • Profile catalog data
  • Migrate products to V3 sandbox
  • Rebuild exceptions (e.g., products with 600+ options)
  • Audit products and iterate
  • Upgrade V2 store to V3

The app's guided features are backed by expert support and migration services from StrikeTru, a leading provider of data management and commerce solutions.

App Benefits:

  • Automate migration of BigCommerce stores from V2 to V3
  • Reduce cost, complexity, and time involved in a manual V2-V3 migration process
  • Leverage BigCommerce V3 features now like MSF, MLI, faster APIs, etc.
  • Take advantage of StrikeTru's expert data services and solutions for additional benefits (product data optimization, PIM, DAM, eCommerce connectors, etc.)

StrikeTru is a deep expert in eCommerce data migration projects, and automation is a key component of our solutions. Jump-start your BigCommerce V2-V3 migration process and update your V2 store to V3 store quickly with this app from StrikeTru.

App Features

UI-Driven Migration Wizard
  • Multi-step guided migration process. Easy to use, minimal manual effort
  • Progress notifications and task completion messages every step of the way
Catalog Profiling & Detailed Reporting
  • Identifies detailed catalog characteristics. Provides visibility into migration effort
  • Helps validate migration results
  • Helps inform future data cleansing & optimizations
  • List of option sets
  • List of options
  • List of products, SKUs, and options used to generate SKUs
  • List of products, rules, and options involved in rules
  • List of products with configurable fields
  • List of products with 600+ options
  • List of products with unequal SKU options
  • List of products with complex rules
Exception Products & Configurable Fields Identification
  • Identifies exception products (600+ options, inconsistent SKUs, complex rules, etc)
  • Identifies and deletes configurable fields (a prerequisite for the upgrade to V3)
  • Helps rebuild exception products prior to the actual migration
  • Helps rebuild configurable fields as product modifiers
  • Facilitates loss less migration
Preview V2-V3 Conversion Results
  • Recreates V2 options as V3 options
    • Converts V2 options used in SKU generation into V3 variant options
    • Converts V2 options not used in SKU generation into V3 modifier options
    • Converts V2 Product List options involved in SKU generation into V3 dropdown options
  • Recreates V2 SKUs as V3 SKUs
  • Generates adjusted SKU values (price, weight, image, purchasability) based on V2 product rules and option set rules
  • Converts configurable fields into modifier options
  • Helps visualize products in V3 format prior to the actual migration
  • Automated migration of V2 store into V3
  • Fast & scalable. Reduces cost and complexity
  • Minimizes store downtime

Case Studies

Case Study: Fantom Wallet

BigCommerce V2 to V3 Migration Made Quick & Easy for Fantom Wallet.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starts at $1498


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