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Automate your BigCommerce V2 to V3 migration effortlessly with our user-friendly app. Our app simplifies the process of migrating to V3, which can otherwise be disruptive and risky. It is designed to migrate catalogs of all sizes and complexities. The migration process involves the following key steps:

  • Install app

  • Profile catalog data

  • Migrate products to V3 sandbox

  • Rebuild exceptions (e.g., products with 600+ options)

  • Audit products and iterate

  • Upgrade V2 store to V3

The app's guided features are backed by expert support and migration services from StrikeTru, a leading provider of data management and commerce solutions.

App Benefits:

  1. Automate the migration of BigCommerce stores from V2 to V3, and eliminate the risk of a manual error.

  2. Reduce cost, complexity, and time involved in a manual V2 to V3 migration process, and ensure an efficient conversion.

  3. Assess the migration outcomes within a sandbox store beforehand and gain visibility into the process.

  4. A dedicated migration expert to execute the end-to-end migration process for a worry-free migration experience.

  5. Convert the store at your convenience during off-peak hours to minimize sales disruptions.

Recommended by BigCommerce - Article (https://support.bigcommerce.com/s/article/Products...)

StrikeTru is a deep expert in eCommerce data migration projects, and automation is a key component of our solutions. Jump-start your BigCommerce V2-V3 migration process and update your store quickly with the V2 to V3 Product Migration App by StrikeTru.

App version: V 1.6 (Released 07/18/2023)

Not a self-service app today. Our team will execute the end-to-end migration for you.

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Custom Pricing:

Starts at $1498


Last Updated:

November 21, 2023

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Custom Pricing:

Starts at $1498


Last Updated:

November 21, 2023

Compatible with:


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App Features

UI-Driven Migration Wizard

  • Multi-step guided migration process. Easy to use, minimal manual effort

  • Progress notifications and task completion messages every step of the way

Catalog Profiling & Detailed Reporting

  • Identifies detailed catalog characteristics. Provides visibility into migration effort

  • Helps validate migration results

  • Helps inform future data cleansing & optimizations

  • List of option sets

  • List of options

  • List of products, SKUs, and options used to generate SKUs

  • List of products, rules, and options involved in rules

  • List of products with configurable fields

  • List of products with 600+ options

  • List of products with unequal SKU options

  • List of products with complex rules

Exception Products & Configurable Fields Identification

  • Identifies exception products (600+ options, inconsistent SKUs, complex rules, etc)

  • Identifies and deletes configurable fields (a prerequisite for the upgrade to V3)

  • Helps rebuild exception products prior to the actual migration

  • Helps rebuild configurable fields as product modifiers

  • Facilitates loss less migration

Preview V2-V3 Conversion Results

  • Recreates V2 options as V3 options

    • Converts V2 options used in SKU generation into V3 variant options

    • Converts V2 options not used in SKU generation into V3 modifier options

    • Converts V2 Product List options involved in SKU generation into V3 dropdown options

  • Recreates V2 SKUs as V3 SKUs

  • Generates adjusted SKU values (price, weight, image, purchasability) based on V2 product rules and option set rules

  • Converts configurable fields into modifier options

  • Helps visualize products in V3 format prior to the actual migration


  • Automated migration of V2 store into V3

  • Fast & scalable. Reduces cost and complexity

  • Minimizes store downtime

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A fully automated, quick, and, easy migration from BigCommerce V2 to V3.

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