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About the app

Valido Web Scores for BigCommerce is an integration that allows you to monitor and test your commerce sites. In particular, Valido Web Scores audits accessibility, best practices, performance, PWA and search engine optimization of your BigCommerce website channels. You can find more information at https://www.valido.ai

App Features

Google Web Scores Monitoring

Valido Web Scores offers e-commerce retailers the tools needed to monitor the most important metrics to effectively drive sales, in particular: Performance, Accessibility, SEO, Best Practices and PWA. Valido's dashboard allows merchants to measure and analyze results for multiple brands, countries, languages and pages.

Daily historical results and alerts

Valido's assessment tests are executed automatically every day. No manual action is required. The stored results and drill-down features allow the merchant to review any possible impact of performance issues or site changes such as newly deployed features, catalog updates, new campaigns, etc. In addition, the alerting system notifies the merchant when results indicate a significant impact on the revenue of the site.

Targeted assessment of your e-commerce

Valido Web Scores does not only evaluate just a single page but also considers the critical points of a merchant´s e-commerce, such as the homepage, product listing pages, product detail pages, landing pages, and even for different countries and languages if needed.

Issues to fix are reported for each target area; each issue can represent a potential loss of revenue for the merchant, so it is fundamental to have the online store under constant monitoring.

Benchmarking competitors

Valido Web Scores also offers the possibility to track and compare the scores of the merchant´s direct competitors. By displaying the competitors' results within the same dashboard, merchants can easily understand how much their competitors are investing on optimizing each metric area, and how much they are potentially benefiting from such a strategy.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
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