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About the app

With Visual Commerce you can collect and utilize the conversion-optimized pictures your customers are sharing on their social media profiles. Visual Commerce content boosts conversions by offering trustworthy, relevant customer pictures that inform and have the unique ability to inspire and influence a customer's purchase decision.

Benefits of Visual Commerce

  • User generated pictures are more trustworthy and relevant to potential customers and can inspire them resulting in increased conversion rates.
  • Flexible upload options allow your customers to share pictures easily, increasing the amount of content you have at your disposal.
  • Intuitive moderation and curation dashboards make it easy to collect permission to use pictures, associate pictures with their corresponding products, and syndicate content to retailers and manufacturers across your various brands.
  • Displaying your customers' pictures on your website and marketing materials shows you value them, strengthens your customer relationship, and ultimately boosts long-term loyalty.

App Features

Flexible Photo Upload and Sharing Options

Make it easy for your customers to share their pictures and videos. With flexible photo uploads your customers can share by hash tagging their pictures on social media, uploading directly to your website, sharing through your app, or submitting through a unique email forward.

Smart Image Ranking

Our proprietary Smart Image Ranking Algorithm enables you to rank and display your images based on a variety of factors such as likes, shares, conversion rate, and more to ensure your most influential pictures appear first.

Flexible Image Display Options

Get your Visual Commerce content in front of your customers and inspire them to buy no matter where they are on your site with product and category association search result displays, product comparison displays, mixed editorial displays, and social hubs.

Streamlined Moderation and Curation Dashboards

With intuitive moderation and curation dashboards you can approve and disapprove content, manage content rights, associate images, publish content, and syndicate to other website properties in a single dashboard.

Smart Engagement Algorithm

Our proprietary Smart Engagement Algorithm helps you send post purchase solicitation emails for visual commerce content in a timeframe in which your customers are most likely to respond. The algorithm factors historical data, product and category type, and customer response rate to intelligently set a timeframe for a post purchase email.

Case Studies

SleekShop dramatically improves its Customer Loyalty Program

Sleekshop.com is the world's leading online source of exclusive, quality beauty products from classic, emerging and niche brands.


SleekShop is an online retailer for hair care products that worked with a different rewards provider for customer loyalty programs before coming to Annex Cloud. Khanh Nguyen, Digital Marketing Strategist at SleekShop, described their former program as outdated. "They weren't scalable or customizable. We kept hitting walls with what we wanted to do," he shared. SleekShop wanted to move away from their legacy solution and find something leveraging more modern techniques that could also be customized for their goals.

Download the Case Study to learn how Annex Cloud helped in dramatically improve its customer loyalty program.

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