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  • Recurring Fee: $19.00/mo.

About the app

DCKAP Analytics formerly known as vizB is a one-of-a-kind product curated by a team of Data Scientists who understand the importance of insights required for the eCommerce industry.

DCKAP Analytics is a no-code app which helps you to easily connect your BigCommerce RAW data and get insights on how your business is performing and make factual decisions based on the derived data.

All you need to do to use major insights for your business growth is to create a DCKAP Analytics account now and connect it to your BigCommerce Store. Get started and open your venture to a world of beneficial analytics.

App Features

What is different about VizB?

The app stands out majorly because you do not need any code or think of Data Analytics methods to bring out the required metrics.

  1. Overall Insights: Presents a snapshot of overall performance on sales, customers and orders.
  2. Sales Analytics: Presents a sales overview based on location and time. Users can find out the most preferred buying time and location based products selling so they can organize stock in warehouses efficiently.
  3. Customer Analytics: Generates a report of customer segmentation and customer behavior. Highly beneficial for targeted customer selling and personalized marketing by grouping customers into clusters.
  4. Product Analytics: Know your most selling, fast moving, and slow moving products. Access the stock performance report and see which products are out of stock or going to be. Helpful for inventory management.
  5. Forecasting: Predicts the future sales of the next three months based on past months historical data. Never take a decision in doubt again. Get results and bring success closer to you with tailored dashboards.
  6. Bidirectional Data Sync: Create actionable insights to create campaigns using mail-chimp for each segment of your customers.
  7. Automated Data Sync: There's no waiting. Schedule the sync based on your business needs and data bandwidth.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $19.00/mo.


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