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About the app

How Voucherify changes the game?

Unified, structured, and endlessly extensible digital promotions for forward-thinking brands.

  • Personalized coupons and discounts.
  • Digital gift cards.
  • Multi-level refer-a-friend programs.
  • Automatic cart promotions.
  • Customizable loyalty programs.

The promotion engine for the digital-first era:

  • Take control over promotion logic.
  • Launch promotional campaigns faster.
  • Improve conversion on any channel.

How Voucherify supports your team:

  • Product Manager – lower development costs and faster time to market.
  • Developer – any framework and faster testing due to isolation.
  • Marketer – personalized experience and conversion optimization.
  • CTO – reduced dependency on individual technologies and lower maintenance costs.

First-class enterprise features

Develop digital promotions with speed and confidence.

  • Flexible rewards & incentives.
  • Marketer-friendly campaign designer.
  • Real-time customer segmentation.
  • Complete cross-channel capabilities.
  • Configurable promotion rules.
  • Redemption tracking & fraud prevention.
  • Single customer view.
  • Comprehensive branding suite.
  • Multiple currencies & regions support.
  • Developer-friendly API.
  • Native integrations for CRM tools.
  • Workspace & team management.

Start small, scale fast, and keep your data secure

Flexible, secure, and compliant solution for complex digital deployments.

  • Role-based access control.
  • Onboarding & training.
  • High platform availability.
  • Regular security audits.
  • Data encryption & custom IP restrictions.
  • Custom implementations.
  • Dedicated Success Managers.
  • GDPR, CCPA & PCI DSS compliance.
  • Enterprise-level SLAs.
  • Audit logs & 24/7 monitoring.
  • Dedicated clusters & servers all around the world.
  • Multifactor authentication.

App Features

​Steal the show and acquire new customers

Join thousands of BigCommerce stores in boosting sales through contextual discounts, promotions, referrals, and more.

Voucherify Promotion Engine lets you build personalized discount and gift card campaigns to engage customers every time they log in to your store.

Contextual discounts and digital gift cards

Your customers can redeem discount codes and gift cards right in your store checkout.

  • Personalized coupons — deliver unique codes to re-engage fine-grained segments.
  • Multi-use coupons — issue and track targeted promos without effort.
  • Gift card vouchers — drive frequency of purchase with prepaid cards or stored-value schemes.
  • Public codes – create one code that can be shared with customers via multiple channels.
Combine promotions at a fraction of the cost

Automate and mix loyalty and referral incentives in your BigCommerce POS.

  • All-in-One Promotion Engine – use one holistic tool to manage multiple promotional schemas at once.
  • Referrals – referral codes that can be used in the BigCommerce checkout.
  • Loyalty program – a mechanism for collecting loyalty points through purchases in your store.
Cut your losses

Keep your finger on the pulse – performance charts will help you drive real business results. You can track your performance directly in the Dashboard.

  • Real-time data synchronization – synchronize promotions, customers, orders, products, and SKUs. All updates from your BigCommerce dashboard are sent to your Voucherify database in real-time.
  • Advanced redemption rules – create tiers based on any attribute, reaching outside default dimensions such as purchase history, customer location, or order volume.
  • Specific discount activity timeframes – extend BigCommerce discounting capabilities with extremely granular activity timeframes to run fun flash sales and happy hour campaigns.

Case Studies


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How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with vouchers?

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