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About the app

Maximise your business growth by:

  • Increasing conversion with seamless payment experiences. No cards, no registration and no manual data input needed. Your customers can make payments directly from their own banking app in as little as three clicks.
  • Improving security with Secure Customer Authentication. Say goodbye to charge backs and fraudulent payments. Pay with bank uses bank-level security and biometric authentication to ensure the payer is who they say they are.
  • Streamlining cash flow with instant settlement. Don't wait days or weeks for funds to settle. Get paid and make refunds instantly.
  • Reducing transaction fees. With Vyne you can bypass expensive intermediaries and save up to 80% on transaction fees.

App Features

Single payments

Seamlessly collect one off payments from your customers through mobile and desktop checkouts. Say goodbye to waiting days for funds to settle, they now arrive in your account in seconds. You also benefit from reduced fees, instant refunds and no more risk of chargebacks.

Simple checkout

Your customers benefit from a seamless payment experience, allowing them to pay in as little as 3 taps. They can say goodbye to typing in long 16-digit card numbers, remembering CVV numbers or cumbersome authentication checks. With Vyne, authentication is built into the checkout flow reducing friction whilst maintaining the highest level of security.

Instant refunds

Don't leave your customers waiting days for their refund with instant refunds. Funds arrive in your customer's account in seconds, eliminating time wasted supporting customers chasing for their refund. Your customers will have confidence in your brand and could be more likely to shop with your again.

Case Studies

Mainstage Festivals optimise their payment offering with Vyne's pay with bank

Mainstage Festivals is a market leader in destination festivals. Unlike traditional festival operators, Mainstage Festivals offer 100% full-service packages to festival-goers, looking after them from the minute they first see the package, to when they leave the resort.

As often is the case with the travel sector, Mainstage Festivals were facing extortionate fees for processing cards. Travel companies can be paying up to 2% or even more to process card payments, whilst at risk of friendly fraud.

On high-value products like festival tickets, card fees can eat into margins. For Mainstage Festivals, finding a more flexible and cost-effective way to accept payments would be a monumental shift for the business.

The solution

Mainstage Festivals saw that Open Banking payments could take their offering one step further.

Traditional card payments have many intermediaries such as card issuers, acquirers and schemes. Vyne removes these intermediaries and delivers a fairer, more cost-effective payment method for merchants, which removes the risk of friendly fraud.

The results

"1/3 of customers are using it today, but we think it's going to go up to 60%", Rob Tominey - Chairman + Co-Founder Mainstage Festivals

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