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About the app

Are you experiencing contact information quality issues? Is the number of abandoned carts for data entry reasons increasing?

If you want to accelerate your sales funnel, redesign your checkout or correct data before entering in your order process:

Woosmap Address Autocomplete helps you avoid "Return to sender, address unknown". By offering address autocomplete and using clean address data, you save your customers time and, by the way, increase your sales.

The app is designed to work flawlessly with the "Optimized One-Page Checkout" and sets up in no time: Just a tweak in the BigCommerce control panel and a Woosmap API key, and you're all done!

Woosmap Address Autocomplete relies on the Woosmap platform and its APIs. It is billed on a credit basis. Public pricing is detailed on https://www.woosmap.com/en/pricing/. In a nutshell, whatever the number of character a shopper needs to enter (most likely 7 to 8 characters) to get relevant suggestions, autocomplete requests are not charged (0 credit). When the shopper selects a suggested address, a request is charged 3 to 5 credits (depending on countries) to retrieve full details for the selected address and populate checkout address fields.

App Features

  • Multilingual suggestions (50+ languages).
  • Worldwide coverage (70+ countries).
Avoid wasted deliveries
  • Address is corrected before entering your system.
  • Suggest accurate formatted address by limiting invalid entry.
  • Avoid redelivery costs and extra delay thanks to data accuracy.
  • Accelerate the checkout process by eliminating keystrokes for shipping and billing information.
  • Restrict on specific country and language to save your customers time.
  • Avoid drop-off on mobile by accelerating form fill.

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