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About the app

Use eBay Fitment Data

Do you already use eBay Motors? SureDone will use eBay fitment epids to generate your year make model search dropdowns and results. No need to enter additional fitment data!

Sell More, Get Fewer Returns.

Customers want to know which parts fit their vehicle. The SureDone Year Make Model plugin allows you to place a search bar anywhere on your site to give customers the ability to select the year, make and model of their vehicle - car, motorcycle, ATV, or any other product that is tied to a vehicle - and show which products in your catalog will fit their choice. And once the results are displayed, customers can refine their search even more by selecting different facets to filter on - such as category, size, color, or any number of other fields.

Reduce Duplicate Entries - and Connect

And what if you could use the same fitment information on both BigCommerce and eBay? This module connects to a new or existing SureDone account, helping sellers scale their e-commerce operations by consolidating product management, inventory sync, pricing and order management from multiple marketplaces and channels into a single location - and automating connections to suppliers (think inventory, pricing and drop shipping) and internal systems such as ERPs and CRMs.

Your entire SureDone product catalog, whether it's hundreds of products or millions of products, is made available through BigCommerce and this Year Make Model plugin lets your buyers find the products they need.

App Features

Year Make Model

Offer your customers the ability to search for automotive, motorsports or powersports parts by year, make and model (YMM) of their vehicle.

Faceted Results

On the results page, allow your users to further refine their search by almost any facet - category, size, color, and more.

Speed and Scalability

Supports millions of items with super fast results - high speed and high scalability.

eBay Integration

Use your eBay epids contained within your SureDone product record - no need for dual entry or maintenance!

Real Time Updates

Any products containing fitment within your SureDone catalog will be included in your search results. Whenever you update fitment data in SureDone it will automatically sync to your BigCommerce store and your year make model search is updated in real time.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $100/month


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