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About the app

Tired of managing product search when you have large set for different types of products? Here is the solution just a click away. Year Make Model Search app provides a standard and faster way to filter products specially for your customers. This unlimited search dropdowns app gives robust solutions to find exact products quickly from a large product database. Now, we have updated our app with an advanced look and new features.

Getting Started with app
  1. Easy setup with detailed guide lines
  2. Create fields for your store and manage them in a simple way
  3. Add records for your filters and assign products to them
  4. Create your own design for ymm search box
  5. Customize your filter results with custom product result page
Year Make Model App Demo:

Where to use Year Make Model / Product Parts Finder App ?

  • Auto parts store : Create dropdowns like Make Model and Year to search parts for cars, bike , boats etc.
  • Printer, ink and toner store : Create dropdowns like Printer Brand, Printer Family, and Printer Model.
  • Electronics store : Create dropdowns like Categories, Types and Model.
  • Fashion store : Create dropdowns like Categories, Types and Color.
  • Computer Parts store : Create dropdowns like Parts, Make, Types/Model.
  • Hotels & Food store : Create dropdowns like Location, Hotel, Food Type.
  • Tires & Wheel store : Create dropdowns like Width, Aspect Ratio and Diameter.
In this app, we have limit of search dropdown values will be 1 million.
We provide free service for app installation and configuration on your store. Please contact us.

App Features

Create Unlimited Search Dropdowns filters to find exact products

You can create 3, 4, 5 OR 6 Search Dropdowns filters as per your requirements for searching exact products from large products database. You can use this app for Auto Parts Store ( Year Make Model Search dropdowns filters ), Printer Parts Store ( Brand Series Model dropdowns filters ), Tires and Wheels Store etc.

Unlimited Search Dropdowns App Features list :
  • Create unlimited search dropdowns filter into your store.
  • Easy to set up our app in your store by placing the shortcode in your store.
  • Bulk Import Export dropdowns filter with data with CSV file like product ids, year, make, model.
  • Our Search Dropdowns filter app works with default bigcommerce search products result page, and also custom products result page.
  • You can change dropdowns filters order.
  • You can change dropdowns filters labels and sort dropdowns filters values.
  • You can export Products CSV with SKU and product name.
New Features are added :-

Universal Products to show in search results:

If you want to show some products display in search result irrespective of search criteria then you can add those products as universal products and it will show in every result of YMM filter.

Import Rows with Year Ranges via CSV file:

For simplifying the import data you can specify year ranges in CSV file. E.g. if you specify years 1990-2012, then App will add the same YMM Rows to all years starting from 1990 till 2012. This way, you will have just one row of year range in CSV file instead of 23 individual YMM rows.

Customizable design for searchbox and result page:

You can design search box in your own way with different colors and texts. This app allow you not only default search result page but also custom result page to show products when your customer searches. In addition, you can manage custom result page design and make it just the same as your store's other product listing page.

Now, you can display Category, Brand and Price filters with Rating and Other filters (Has free shipping, Is featured and In Stock) on the left sidebar to filter the products very smoothly.

Optimization for your ymm records:

Optimization will check and delete duplicate records from all the YMM records. The page loading time in frontend will decrease due to adequate number of records.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $29.99/mo.


  • Last updated:October, 25 2022
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