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About the app

YMME Parts Search can be used in online stores for parts of all vehicle types such as motor bikes, cars, vans, trucks (small, medium and heavy duty), golf carts and off-road vehicles. Our customizable and scalable search yields only accurate and relevant results leading to better sales conversion and significantly reduces abandoned cart rates.

The app helps your customers search for automotive parts using Year, Make, Model, Engine and Interchange information to quickly find the most relevant parts and accessories on your store thereby improving experience and accelerating sales.

The app also has an inbuilt interface with our APA's PIM that will enable our PIM users to export data seamlessly to their web catalogs built using BigCommerce. This eliminates hassles in parts data management while maintaining accurate fitment information for parts.

APA Engineering is leading provider of cataloging and eCommerce solutions for auto parts and accessories. Over the last 19 years APA has offered innovative products and services to many reputable suppliers, distributors and re-sellers in the automotive industry. APA Engineering is also a registered member of AutoCare and other industry bodies such as AIAG.

App Features

YMME Search

Helps your customers find parts and accessories that exactly fits their vehicles. Vehicles are primarily defined by Year Make Model Engine. Accurate fitment ensures customer satisfaction and minimizes product returns.

Predictive Suggestions

The YMME Parts Search uses a smart predictive algorithm to auto suggest products as the customer continues to type in the search box. Customer has the option to quickly select the relevant search result in the suggestion list and redirect to the detailed listing page.

Search Analytics

You can see a detailed history of searches that will help you improve your store content, product descriptions and even fill the gaps in your product portfolio.


The YMME Parts Search plugin can be integrated with any PIM for Fitment, Attributes and Interchange info. The YMME Parts Search plugin is integrated with Paypal.

Advanced Search

In addition to YMME, your customers can also search for parts using free text search that many contain SKU numbers, interchange part numbers or keywords in the product title. Your customers can also type the YMME values in the text search as an option. This search is highly intuitive and easy to use.

Your customers have the choice of narrowing results by selecting either "Exact Match" or "Approximate Match".

The YMME App. allows users to define the Custom Fields that can be set as filters in the Part Search. User can choose enable / disable or make visible or switch off the filters dynamically.

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