Zendesk Connector by agnoStack

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About the app

We bring rich, transactional commerce support natively into Zendesk to improve agent efficiency and stay with you as your business grows.

App Features

Customer order history

Allow agents to quickly view order history based on the User or Ticket Requester's email address. Get details including the order total as well as shipping information for the Customer's account plus detailed order line items and real-time shipping updates and payment status.

Customer search/Order lookup

Your agents will have the ability to do incredibly fast, real-time searching, sorting and filtering of order history to rapidly locate any order a Customer needs support with.

Refunds Processing

Easily allow your agents to process both full order as well as item level and custom refunds without ever leaving Zendesk.

Advanced Macros

Quickly build re-usable customer replies using real-time data from your commerce, shipping and payment platforms.

Rapid Follow-up

Your agents can save/pin an order to a ticket to ensure as it moved between agents or is re-opened that the order details are quickly available.

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  • Custom Price:
    $5+ / month / agent


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