• Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

About the app

Bring your in-store and online worlds together

Zettle by PayPal offers a free POS app that integrates seamlessly with your BigCommerce store. By connecting your in-store and online business, you can view stock levels, update product data, and track sales – all from a single dashboard.

Simplify inventory management:

  • Effortlessly export your product library from Zettle by PayPal to BigCommerce (and from BigCommerce to Zettle - available in the US only)
  • Cut out the extra work and human error that comes with managing two separate systems
  • See stock levels in real-time when you make a sale online or in-store so you never sell anything twice

US only: you can now sync products from BigCommerce to Zettle and manage your product data in BigCommerce.

Get paid in-store or on-the-go

Choose a Zettle by PayPal payments solution to start accepting payments in-store:

Zettle Reader 2

The Zettle card reader processes card and contactless payments in-person. It's built with a quick-charging battery that lasts up to 8 hours or 100 transactions and you can easily pair it with the free Zettle POS app.

Zettle Terminal

The Zettle touchscreen terminal has the Zettle POS app is built in, so you can run your business and take payments from a single device. Whether your staff is waiting tables or on the shop floor, they can take orders and process payments right where your customers are.


To get started:

  • Sign up for a Zettle by PayPal account
  • Order your Zettle Reader 2 or Zettle Terminal
  • Go to > Integrations
  • Connect BigCommerce
  • Export your product library from Zettle by PayPal to BigCommerce

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

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