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About the app

Zycada Site Accelerator empowers BigCommerce merchants to deliver the fastest shopping experience without any code change.

Benefits of boosting store site performance using Zycada Site Accelerator:

  1. Improve your business metrics like conversion, average order value etc. by delivering the fastest online shopping experience. Numerous studies have confirmed that as little as 100ms reduction in latency increases revenue by 1%.
  2. Drive more organic search traffic to your online Store. Search engines like Google, Bing etc. favor a faster site when it comes to page ranking. Augment your SEO strategy by making your site perform faster than your competition.

Zycada Site Accelerator is trusted by marquee eCommerce brands around the globe. The platform accelerates several billion HTTP transactions a day empowering merchants to deliver the fastest shopping experience on its global platform.

See how BigCommerce Merchants boosted their business metrics with Zycada Site Accelerator:

App Features

​Zycada Site Accelerator

Accelerate your store instantly and deliver the fastest user-experience for your shoppers

Zycada Site Image Optimizer

Optimize your product images for desktop, tablets, mobile devices

​Zycada Site Shield

Protect your store from malicious users and rogue traffic

Case Studies

Impact of Zycada Site Accelerator on BigCommerce Stores
  1. BB Wheels activated Zycada Site Accelerator to instantly boost their page speed for desktop site by 112% boost and mobile by 56%.
  2. Echo Gear saw their page speed improve by 20% to 100% after they enabled Zycada Site Accelerator. While site speed is a great leading indicator, they also saw a boost in conversion, revenue and average order value.
  3. Woodland Hills Wine Company sped up their eCommerce site and saw their average page load time reduce by 60%. The improvement in site speed boosted their revenue and delivered a significant ROI.
BB Wheels

Video testimonial from BB Wheels on impact of Zycada Site Accelerator.

Echo Gear

Video testimonial from Echo Gear on impact of Zycada Site Accelerator.

Woodland Hills Wine Company

Video testimonial from Woodland Hills Wine Company on impact of Zycada Site Accelerator.

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  • Custom Price:
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