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    This is the complete Amazon Solution Providers Directory for sellers. It is intended to help all retailers solve the Rubik’s cube that is the Amazon marketplace. We are here to demystify it, allowing you to use Amazon –– which recently celebrated its 20-year IPO anniversary –– as a weapon in your distribution and revenue growth arsenal, rather than viewing the marketplace as competition.

    Produced by BigCommerce and the founders of the Prosper Show, James Thomson and Joseph Hansen, the Amazon Sellers’ Solution Provider Directory has been a year in the making. Within, you’ll find more than 230 companies offering some of the most successful seller services available to alleviate pain points associated with selling on Amazon.

    You’ll find more than 230 companies offering some of the most successful solutions available to alleviate pain points associated with selling on Amazon.

    These are the solutions and seller services used by the highest-grossing companies incorporating Amazon as part of their channel strategy. Each of these solutions will save you time, optimize your operations and ultimately work to increase revenue made from the Amazon marketplace.

    The directory is organized by vendor category to help you easily find the software, tools and services most relevant to your business. In each section, you will find tips concerning when your company should begin to engage with these solutions as well as a few key issues to consider.

    Eliminating the steep learning curve associated with Amazon selling success will enable you to grow your sales and prepare your business for the future of commerce. If you want a PDF version of this book, you can download it in its entirety here.

    The Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon

    For a more thorough how-to piece with step-by-step action items to start selling and growing on Amazon, read our Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon.

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    James Thomson

    James Thomson

    Partner, Buy Box Experts

    James Thomson is Partner of Buy Box Experts, a managed account services firm enabling brands to sell direct on Amazon. He is also president of PROSPER Show, the largest US-based continuing education conference for Amazon sellers. Previously, James was the head of Amazon Services (which recruits >99.5% of all new sellers to the Amazon marketplace each year), Amazon's first FBA account manager, a banker and a management consultant. He earned a Ph.D. in Marketing (B2B Pricing and Distribution) from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

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