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American Business Owners on Starting, Scaling and Staying Inspired in 2022

Tracey Wallace / 1 min read

Don’t believe the 24/7 cable news stations. Disregard the sensationalist click-bait and doomsday prophecies.

They all want you to believe that entrepreneurship is dead – that the old American way of bootstrapping and striving for the individual and collective American Dream was an activity of a bygone era.

It certainly is not – and we have over 196 first-hand accounts to prove it (and thousands more where those came from).

Across the U.S., hundreds of thousands of regular folks are staring complacency dead in the eye and choosing to build their own future right here and right now.

These Americans – the ones that are taking their fate into their own hands, that are bootstrapping it, that are making this reality work for them and changing the trajectory of their lives – well, they aren’t the ones you often see on TV.

Their stories are conveniently ignored when you hear about the extinction of small businesses.

These are folks who are doing the right thing because the right thing is what is right.

In reading this article, you’ve begun a journey into the passions, success stories and advice of almost 200 American business owners trying to make ends meet while they make life a little sweeter for those around them.

These are the folks turning lemons into lemonade, and selling it on that shaded neighborhood corner on the hottest summer afternoon of the year.

And you have a chance to do the same.

Whether you want to start your own business or support an entrepreneur’s dream with your dollar (the strongest vote there is), you will find solace, hope, advice, tips and tactics in this article to do just that.

This is about following your passion. This is about hope in the face of all odds. This is about hard work that builds a legacy of American business success.

This is about building your own personal American Dream.

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Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace

Director of Marketing MarkterHire | Former EIC, BigCommerce | Founder, Doris Sleep

Tracey is the Director of Marketing at MarketerHire, the marketplace for fast-growth B2B and DTC brands looking for high-quality, pre-vetted freelance marketing talent. She is also the founder of Doris Sleep and was previously the Head of Marketing at Eterneva, both fast-growth DTC brands marketplaces like MarketerHire aim to help. Before that, she was the Global Editor-in-Chief at BigCommerce, where she launched the company’s first online conference (pre-pandemic, nonetheless!), wrote books on How to Sell on Amazon, and worked closely with both ecommerce entrepreneurs and executives at Fortune 1,000 companies to help them scale strategically and profitably. She is a fifth generation Texan, the granddaughter of a depression-era baby turned WWII fighter jet pilot turned self-made millionaire, and wifed up to the truest of heroes, a pediatric trauma nurse, who keeps any of Tracey’s own complaints about business, marketing, or just a seemingly lousy day in perspective.

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2 comments on “American Business Owners on Starting, Scaling and Staying Inspired in 2022

  1. Brad Quincy on

    I enjoyed every part of the article, every single story. The whole article proves that necessity is the mother of invention and that all awesome things were created by talented and unique people devoted to their ideas and instincts. Reading these stories I want to share my own success story. I was working as a sales manager in a company for 5 years and one morning I simply realized that I am doing what I love but not for myself. Now I have my own company and my devoted team. Of course this was not easy, but when you have your desired team beside you and a good plan, everything is possible. The half of my business success depends on my hard-working nature, the other half on my customers’ trust, which I have built with the help of my irreplaceable BPM system – bpm’online. I have just one advice to everyone – follow your dreams and stay true to yourself and you will have what you are dreaming of.

  2. Tracey Wallace

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