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Announcing Order Fulfillment & Inventory Warehousing With Shipwire (via Shipiro)

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Shipwire is a great platform which provides outsourced order fulfillment and inventory warehousing options for companies that would rather not invest in their own warehouse and logistics systems – which can be expensive and complex to setup.

We’ve talked to the folks at Shipwire numerous times over the last few months and an integration has always been on the cards, but earlier this week I received an email from Bill Dalessandro, founder of Shipiro.

Introducing the Free Shipwire Connector, Shipiro

Shipiro is a free web connector that connects your BigCommerce e-commerce solution with your Shipwire account. As you receive new orders in your BigCommerce store they’re passed to Shipwire automagically. Once Shipwire receives the order they pick, pack and ship the products to your customer. Your Shipwire account preferences can also be setup so that Shipwire sends a tracking number to your customer.

Here’s what we love about Shipiro:

  • It reaches out to the BigCommerce API and looks for new orders multiple times per day
  • It intelligently screens for physical item orders only
  • It pulls order tracking numbers from Shipwire back to Shipiro
  • It converts those orders to a .CSV file with the order ID and tracking numbers
  • These can then be imported back into your BigCommerce store

If you’d rather not hold your own inventory or ship your own orders then Shipwire and Shipiro are definitely worth looking into. Shipwire makes the complex process of order fulfillment and inventory warehousing easy, and they have multiple warehouses which will takeĀ receiptĀ of your inventory, meaning your customers get their orders shipped from the warehouse closet to them.

The Ultimate Outsourced Supply Chain

Combine BigCommerce, Shipwire and Shipiro with a drop shopping wholesaler like Doba and you’ve got a serious supply chain on which you can build a huge e-commerce business with great margins, low startup costs and even lower operating costs. Outsourcing your supply chain is definitely something to consider if you plan to scale your e-commerce empire up fast.

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  • Louise Brain

    Hi Matt. It’s been 9 months since you said that you hope to release it shortly. Has it happened? I’ve just registered my interest.

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  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Dan,

    I understand how these limitations that are essential to your business may be frustrating for you. To address your second concern, if you have a large wholesale presence, we would encourage you to create a separate customer group for all your wholesalers. From there, you can control what products and categories are visible as well as assign discounts for just wholesalers. If you have a specific problem or question, I would encourage you to ask this on our community forum. Many of our clients, design partners as well as some Bigcommerce staff (like myself) are in there and more than willing to help you out.

    In terms of dropshipping capabilities, we currently suggest Ordoro to many of our clients, as it is the simplest and easiest way to go about this. That being said, we do have more dropshipping capabilities on our product roadmap. Because we have a few more pressing items in front of it, this feature is more than six months away at this time. However, you can read updates about it here:

  • Dan

    Im really looking forward to BC doing something that does not require a 3rd party that costs additional dollars. I have my store with BC and am considering Corecommerce for 2 reasons. They offer multiple warehouses and vendors, BC does not and when I mention this to BC support they say use Ordoro which is not at all what I require with 3 warehouses in 2 countries. 2nd option I love with CC is wholesale and retail possibilities much easier then trying to setup the BC way which doesn’t work well….Obviously if BC had these 2 very very important options I would stay with BC. Do you know if there are any plans in the near future of adding these options to remain competitive in this market. If so what time frame? Ive been told its coming for 1 year now. Thanks for listening to me and looking forward to your response.

  • Hi Rachel,

    Please keep updated on – We are currently working on Amazon FBA integration which will be realised shortly. It will enable you to automatically fulfil orders and ensure stock levels are sync’d.

    I would love for you to choose BigCommerce over Shopify because BigCommerce really is a better platform.

    Watch this space!

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi George,

    As I previously stated we ( are working on development with Amazon FBA (Fulfilment) for both Europe and .COM.

    After implementing this we will be looking at providing a service that works with other fulfilment companies and shopping carts.

    Please let me know what you are trying to integrate so I can put it on the Ideas board.

  • Hi Gavin,

    We are working on Amazon FBA Integration hope to release it very shortly. Please sign up at to keep posted with details.

    We will automagically keep stock levels with Amazon FBA and automagically fulfil orders.

  • Rob

    Please provided integration with FBA or work with

  • Gavin

    Is there any Amazon FBA integration at this point?

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  • Rachel

    I have to agree with Ethan and Moshe, Amazon FBA integration would be incredible. I actually had to choose Shopify over BigCommerce mainly because of the lack of integration. Otherwise, I would have gladly gone with BigCommerce.

  • When? It’s been a long time since you responded affirmatively. Will it happen?

  • Hi, i think it will be major upgrade to BiggCommerce if you will offer amazon integration, was trying your system for the last few days, and was really impressed with your shopping cart after working with osCommerce, CRE Loaded, Magento etc… so thumbs up here :)
    anyways, you could attract many Amazon sellers with this feature

  • Hi Ethan. We will, yes. Please feel free to submit your vote for the idea at

  • Hahaha thanks Jay. I’ve been using “automagically” for a while. The definition for me is a feature that automates something and adds a little magic to the user experience at the same time.

  • Hi George. It might be. Which fulfillment provider are you using?

  • George

    Is it possible to get this type of API/interface for other third party fulfillment providers? I’d love to find someone who can interface my BigoOmmerce API with my 3rd party fulfillment company’s API!

  • Hey Mitchell:
    I like the new word you coined- “automagically”.Busting your chops, but I see all kinds of usefulness in this word. It is certainly going to cut down programming time. It’s great how one letter in a word can make all the difference in the world. Love Big Commerce by the way!

  • Is BigCommerce going to integrate with Fulfillment by Amazon anytime soon? It is roughly half the price of this Shipwire service, doesn’t have fixed monthly fees, and has shipping at half the cost. Integration with FBA would be a great new feature for BigCommerce.


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