Kai Klement

Co-founder and Managing Director of KAVAJ

Kai Klement is the co-founder and managing director of KAVAJ and the KAVAJ Academy, as well as the author of The KAVAJ Case, the free book of which you can read here. KAVAJ is a manufacturer of high-quality genuine leather products for smartphones, tablets or wallets. Founded in October 2011, KAVAJ sells its products solely as a marketplace seller via Amazon (Europe, USA, Japan). KAVAJ has sold more than 500,000 KAVAJ products, making more than $19MM in revenue. Before founding KAVAJ, Kai Klement worked for 2.5 years as a Account Executive for Amazon.de in Munich, helping big Amazon sellers go international and sell more on Amazon.

Omnichannel Strategies

The Secret Amazon Pricing Strategy to Crush the Competition

Kai Klement / 12 min read

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