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Multichannel selling offers endless opportunities for increased sales and customer acquisition.

But, successful multichannel operations don’t come without their fair share of headaches. In particular, inventory synchronization, or the lack there of, can derail all benefits of multichannel operations, leading to poor customer experiences and negative brand association.

When accomplished successfully, however, multichannel selling can increase revenue by 190%, making the time spent to optimize these operations well worth the effort.

Indeed, even big box retailers are heavily investing in multichannel selling. Take Home Depot, for instance, which recently spent nearly $300 million to update their multichannel offerings, focusing on distribution capability, supply chain management and inventory synchronization across channels. In doing so, the company saw a $1 billion increase in online sales from the year prior.

To step up your multichannel operations, check out the following three Bigcommerce apps and integrations for your online business.

GoDataFeed — Automated Multichannel Syndication

GoDataFeed is a turnkey solution to help you syndicate your digital catalog across 100+ shopping channels — including Amazon, eBay and Facebook — and increase customer acquisition. By taking the pain out of adhering to each channel’s unique guidelines, GoDataFeed solves one of the most time-consuming setbacks of multichannel selling.

GoDataFeed syncs with your existing product data, simplifying the onboarding process to one point of integration. And, there’s no need to worry about keeping track of future updates. GoDataFeed automatically syncs to all of your shopping channels daily.

GoDataFeed also features a suite of analytics tools to help you make performance-driven decisions. Set up performance alerts to see exactly what you are spending and where.

GoDataFeed is available to Bigcommerce merchants for $0.99 for 30 days with no contract.

InStockNotify — Turning Empty Stock into Conversions

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 4.25.37 PM
InStockNotify turns out-of-stock products into future sales by allowing customers to opt into automated email notifications. When an out-of-stock product is ready for purchase, the app brings customers who would have purchased back to complete the sale.

With InStockNotify, merchants can:

  • Customize their back-in-stock notifications
  • Monitor when notifications have been sent
  • Monitor when notifications have been read
  • Export data to .csv format

By making it easier to see which products your customers are most interested in, InStockNotify also helps merchants by providing data-backed insight on purchasing decisions –– increasing your accuracy when it comes to ordering more units for specific products.

InStockNotify is available to Bigcommerce merchants for $17.99 per month and offers a free 15-day trial.

Stitch Labs — Inventory Management Made Easy

Stitch Labs solves one of the biggest pain points within multichannel operations: maintaining consistent stock numbers across all channels. Stitch Labs automatically syncs inventory orders and sales, saving you time that is better invested in scaling your business.

With Stitch Lab’s automation, merchants can track inventory quantities in real time across your channels and warehouses from one location. You can also quickly see which products are available, running low or awaiting to be replenished. The app will increase efficiency no matter your combination of channels, including your Bigcommerce store, other online marketplaces, wholesale or brick-and-mortar locations.

“Stitch has allowed us to integrate all of our channels together so our inventory is easily stored in one central location,” said Rohana Jaffe of online store Tamarillo. “We use it to create quotes and put through orders, and then it also connects seamlessly with Xero which we use for the accounting side of things. Everything feeds from one source to another with no input on our part.”

Stitch Lab’s analytics provides more than 30 reports to help you identify opportunities to increase revenue. In addition, the app automatically generates invoices, packing slips and line sheets to simplify the steps between purchase and delivery.

Stitch Labs is available to Bigcommerce merchants for $29 per month and offers a free 14-day trial.

For more information on Bigcommerce apps and integrations, head to the Marketplace.

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  • TradeZero

    Great Comprehensive Post on E-commerce

  • The best app in this category (and in your App Store) is Sellbrite. Merchants, login to your BC account and take a look for yourself!

  • BurneHill

    Don’t forget that with the Inventory Source app – it solves the 2 biggest time constraint issues facing small to medium sized eCommerce business owners: inventory & marketplace management and sourcing competitive products. The Inventory Source app provides full data feed management and updates of the daily inventory levels, price changes and newly added items from a vetted network of wholesale and distributor level dropshippers that will ship blindly to your BigCommerce, Amazon, Rakuten and eBay marketplace customers.

    Full disclosure – yes, today I’m employed by Inventory Source and have referred hundreds of clients to the Big Commerce platform since its inception and its network of service and solution providers over the previous 15 years as a eCommerce consultant.

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