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BigCommerce Takes the Stage at Glossy Ecommerce Summit

Glossy Summit Recap

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On June 10, BigCommerce’s own Meghan Stabler, Senior Vice President of Marketing, took the stage at the Glossy Ecommerce Summit in Miami, Florida. With some of the world’s biggest fashion brands in attendance, there was a packed house as Stabler explored the future of this hugely competitive vertical: an agile unified ecommerce strategy. 

Customers want a unified shopping experience

“Your customers aren’t just buying online or in-store anymore. They expect to be able to purchase on their terms, whether that’s online, offline, or anywhere in between,” she said. “That’s why it’s so vital to have the right tools to help reach your customers where they are, when they’re ready to buy.

“Creating a truly unified commerce experience isn’t easy to do if you’re not prepared,” she continued. “Integrations can be complex. Data quality really matters when it comes to a seamless, unified experience. And that whole process can eat up massive amounts of time and energy from your teams.” 

Glossy Summit Recap

Meghan Stabler, Senior Vice President of Marketing at BigCommerce, at the Glossy Ecommerce Summit main stage. 

Firsthand data from Glossy and BigCommerce

Stabler then went into detail on the data that BigCommerce and Glossy gathered in our latest fashion and apparel report, “The State of Omnichannel in Fashion and Beauty: Understanding Unified Ecommerce Strategies in 2024.” 

“Clothing and apparel made up 26% of sales on social channels last year, making it the most purchased category of 2023,” she explained, “while only 6% of brands plan on investing in tools to manage and optimize their feeds

“That's an immense opportunity being left on the table,” Stabler continued. “Now is the time to start investing in these kinds of technologies — so you can build trust in your brand before your competition does.” 

The final word

BigCommerce and Glossy surveyed over 100 fashion and apparel brands across the US to find out about their digital sales and marketing strategies. Want to know more about how your competitors are using technology to grow their businesses? Access the report today.

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